Tuesday, October 6, 2015

First look at Cassandra Cain?

On the cover of BaRE #3.

Funny thing, I was so distracted by "Cass" that it took me far too long to notice Dick. Then I was wondering who was next to him. Jason looks off but then again I don't remember him ever having glowing eyes outside BFTC. Still better than that ugly depiction in the preview for one. I know Daniels can draw him better because he has.


  1. Daniel's going with a very stilized take on the boys, Dick's face definitely looks odd on that cover. With Jason I'm just glad of seeibng the hoodie (the red eyes are idiotic if you ask me) but yeah, the whole thing just keeps killing my interest instead of being the other way around.

    Cass suit is vaguely reminicent of a Talon's armor.

  2. Maybe all the batboys faces will look odd Jasons' certainly did in the preview, Dicks' just looks more cartoony. Sadly I feel the same way.

    It reminds me of Black Canarys' first new 52 costume only in black.