Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Doomed #5

With this released there's only one more issue to go.


This was a surprisingly quick read and it's not because this felt rushed. Honestly I didn't think it felt hurried at all despite the fact we know it has to be for the final issues. If this issue was given to someone who's never read the series I think it would bring them up to date without feeling too crammed. Superman finally meets Reiser or rather meets him again with them knowing each others' ID. You could really write a meta comparing this with Roman and Reisers' problem with telling the truth about their super powers alias. How they never knew their neighbor well and were friends since high school yet they still hide part of themselves. Clarks' ID reveal does pop up with characters reacting to it and seeing him differently. I liked how Reiser just rolls with it.

The usual super powered fight breaks out which can be annoying since it's something of a cliché but it works in this book. Just because it's basically the nature of Reiser being misunderstood. Reiser is scared of what will happen to him which you can't really blame him for. I like that he's someone that seems to get sympathy lately instead of people blaming him for his mistake. This set up is pretty apparent for the set up with his next appearance. I wasn't sure how old he was supposed to be since Cassie called him a kid when she showed up and the fact he's a genius. We get confirmation that he's older than a high school student which means he's a little older than the Titans. At least I assume he's older than most of them, I quit reading it awhile back. Cassie was 17 and recently they said Tim was 16.

I'm more curious how this is going to end for Reiser and Roman. If their get to finally reveal the truth or if it will remain a tragic irony between them. The Sneak Peek named AC as his "arch-enemy" with him unaware that Roman was his alter ego. This issue marks the first time they meet. If the events in this book change at the end that story can't happen. Which will make mean it's not canon which is odd to think about. I'm not sure if I'll follow TT even with Reiser. There's so many members I don't know how much attention he'll get. I figured he'd end up in RHA with the boys taking him to see Simon. TT seems like an odd choice at least since last I saw they weren't doing so well.

Another one of my books ends and it's been happening a lot in recent years. I like the underdog and that doesn't always work out.

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