Thursday, October 1, 2015

Preview: Batman and Robin Eternal #1

Sadly no sign of Cassandra in this. I wanted a comic fix since my books won't be out for awhile.


The guys are working together and the introduction text tries too hard to be funny. Dick being the "sexy super spy" etc, it's actually more annoying than funny. Partly because that's the sort of tone you'd find in a book like Harley Quinn. Also Tims' "a bit of a show off"? Under Tynion yeah (read the Batman #0 back up he's insufferable) but he's usually Mr. Cool and collected.

Normally I would automatically go "yeah they referenced RHA" but I'm used to writers (Tynion/Seeley) ignoring the series. But yeah Jasons' meeting with Robobat happened before this as he mentions what a dick the guy is. I'm kind of surprised he actually got to say dick when not meaning a name because of the way DC used to edit itself when characters would start to say that. And I don't know that seems more like a Roy thing to say than Jason.

That does not look like Jason when he takes the helmet off, I had to make sure it wasn't the guy they were after. It's just so goofy. What is it with everyone thinking Jason drinks (which implies he's older than he is) and asking if anyone wants to drink with him? He's two years older than Tim, Dicks' the only one that can legally drink. Jason doesn't act like this, he's not that close to them and he wouldn't be so into drinking since HE'S LIVING WITH A RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC WHO HE'S TRYING TO BE SUPPORTIVE OF!

Look I'm all in favor of the Robins being on better terms but at least try to make it fit the characters and development them to that point. I had my issues with how some of Tomasis' writing but he had a better grasp than this. Jason is on good terms with Tim but not to this extent. Also this underage drinking crap reminds me of that crap from BE where they made him crass enough to ask if Alfred knocked someone up (despite the fact he's a child from an unplanned pregnancy.) It's like the writers just assume Jason would say these things because he's a street kid. Research people, just read his sole titles. I know King at least looked through them because he got the quotes in Grayson #12 so please get other people to read it. This and BE are the reasons I dread Jason showing up in other titles!


  1. All in all, the preview was better than the prologue given at Batman Day. If only because is pretty damn nice to have the boys acting as brothers for once.

    Characterzations are certainly off but that is to be expected with the angle both King and Tynion have of pushing back elements from the pre Flashpoint Universe. If anything this felt more natural than Jason's outburst on Grayson's 12.

    Speaking of Grayson, the whole scene (hell the whole story) would be a LOT better if it were about Dick coming back home as Nightwing. Having him as agent 37 creates a pretty noticeable clash between plot and characterization. Spyral's supposed to be a deep, dark undercover organization looking to taking down the world's superheroes. So is unbelievable idiotic that they allow Dick to openly work with his brothers like this.

  2. True. This is far better than the dull prologue. I like them acting as brothers I just wish Jason was more in character. I don't remember Jason acting like this pre-Flashpoint, granted everyone wrote him differently.

    Which outburst? I thought the part where Jason almost called them brothers then changed it to Robins felt a lot more in character. He doesn't want to make himself vulnerable and here he doesn't seem to care. This whole characterization makes me cringe.

    The whole spy thing never worked for me because of this. Dick is supposed to be a leader of superheroes and it doesn't mesh with the spy element.

  3. The closer we got to the boys acting as brothers was during Countdown on that scene that ends with Tim kicking Jason in the nuts as revenge of the pummeling he received from Jason at the Titans Tower. Also, if we assume Jason was being sarcastic then he wasn't too much out of character.

    That is the outburst I mean, Jason has never used the term family to speak of someone else but Bruce. Tim is the one that consider Jason like a brother so the whole scene felt too forced for me.

    Yeah, that angle is spinning on its wheels by now. They either need to turn Spyral into a SHIELD-like agency, put Dick on ARGUS or simply give him back the Nightwing persona.

  4. That was out of character too. I thought the closest was when Tim sets Jason free from jail to give him another chance and listen to Bruces' recording. Prior to that Jason wanted to work with Tim. I guess but I can't see him even joking about that, at least in this context. Maybe something like:

    "Unless we're all going to have a nice bonding moment at a pub I have places to be."

    I have to get the issue to read it but Jason has referred to them as family before. I know he's told Kori and Roy to stay out of things because it's family business. I think one of those times was during NOTO after Tim asked for his help.

    I'm thinking some status quo change might be coming depending on how well Titans Hunt does. Unfortunately it might also affect Roy.

  5. I took that comment as Jason having some sort of pissing contest with Dick while trying to impress Tim at the same time.

    You mean issue 9? He only said he had family business to attend but he never talked explictly about Tim. He did called him "bro" on issue 8 but that was him being sarcastic.

    As long Roy sticks around with Jason, I'm fine with any status quo change. I wouldn't be very thrilled if Liam's reintroduced somehow though.

  6. Dick doesn't seem to care and Tim doesn't seem like the type to be impressed by that. It just doesn't work for me.

    I meant he referred to it as family business even though Bruce didn't ask him to come. It wasn't just about Bruce either and at the time he worried the others would throw him in jail. Whether he meant it in general although Tim was the only one he trusted.

    Me too. I could deal with Roy being in two books. I love Lian but I loath Cheshire after Tynion made her a crazy stalker woman who apparently has another more weepy personality. I doubt their allow him to have a kid when they don't allow marriages and his story hasn't even been fleshed out.