Saturday, October 10, 2015

NYCC 2015 Batman: The Bat-Universe Panel

Thoughts on this.

The entire panel said their favorite Robin was Dick Grayson, and least favorite was Jason Todd.

That's freaking obvious and the problem is it translating to their writing. Which it usually does. THIS is why I don't want the character to be brought in under the bat editors.

Tynion said the inspiration of Batman & Robin Eternal was to craft a mystery where Batman had faced a villain so terrifying that he had never told the rest of the Bat-Family about it.

An idea that comes from a much used plot. What I want to know is how NONE of the bat kids discovered her own their own since they travel the world on their own all the time. The Al Ghuls should have known if it's so big.

"You have kids running around trying to be Batman, but not everyone can be Batman. And it causes some trouble, and then big trouble, and then Gotham's on fire. And Dick Grayson comes in and saves the day."

It does sound like it's WARs' fault everything goes to hell. Really? Dick saves everyone all by himself? Well there goes the ending.

Snyder clarified that story would not appear in his book, because he has a hard time writing Damien.

I already knew this but will anyone else appear? Besides DOTF I think the only one that shows up is Dick. Still at least Snyder chooses not to write a character rather than say killing him off.

"Dick was raised by Batman, and that's what makes him different. Bruce went through the same experience, so he was able to bring the light out in Dick."

Was Dick "raised" by Batman in this canon? He was 15 then apparently was out of the house by the time Jason came around. Plus it's usually stated to be the opposite: DICK bringing out the light in Batman.

Tynion said that decades of continuity can close the door to certain stories, citing some of the changes made to Catwoman in the first Batman Eternal series. "We want to write your favorite Batman comic, and if that means we fudge some of the continuity around the edges, so be it."

I won't mind so much if it didn't negatively effect the characters and take away many great moments they have. As long as the characters aren't properly written I'll never be happy. Not to say this is a problem with all Batman books but it's a problem in general.


  1. So I'm avoiding the Batman books on the foresable future. Good to know

  2. Outside the Robin War event I'm pretty much ignoring the Bat books. Not that I read too many. Just the odd Batman arc I usually get as a present and RHA which techically isn't a bat book.