Sunday, October 11, 2015

More NYCC Stuff

A few more things from the con.

DC-Heroes to the Core Panel

Palmiotti was next up, discussing Harley Quinn and Starfire. DiDio asked about how Palmiotti handles Starfire differently than Harley. "The two characters have completely different voices," Palmiotti said. Referring to the Wolfman/Perez run on Teen Titans as well as the Teen Titans cartoons, "she doesn't know everything about everything, but she's a very smart character," Palmiotti said, saying that Key West is already "a little alien" compared to the rest of the U.S.

Sad to say this doesn't come across from what I've seen. Kori was never like the way Conner and him write her. Compare it to RHATO, people give Lobdell crap but he wrote Starfire as a much more intelligent character. There's no way she should be this oblivious of a world she's lived on for years especially since she knows so many people.

DC ALL Access Panel

Another fan asked when we can see Ted Kord return. DiDio said he and Booster Gold were in Justice League 3001. "We're always revisiting characters and looking at them — I never say never, but this is as close as it gets," DiDio laughed.

That's not the same thing and I think the fan meant in the main DCU. Someone asked for a Blue and Gold book which led to them saying we should demand it. People having been wanting a new Booster Gold series and a Blue and Gold series for years. Jurgens once said there were plans that fell through although he wasn't sure why.

There was also some talk about Hal and the GLC being gone. Nothing about where those characters are. Also some Gotham Academy talk about the Year Book which sound interesting. CBR has some things phrased differently like the answer to everyones' favorite Robin doesn't come out sounding insulting and it seems News a rama just made an assumption. Yes it's likely true but it should be noted this site has showed this bias before.

Greg Pak also talks about Batman/Superman mentioning the new dynamics being explored. The interviewer mentions Jason Todd but Pak skillfully dodges answering that bit.


  1. I have to say that brief interview with Pak got me way more interested that anything said at the Batman panel.

    Did you heard the news about the follow up to Lost Army? I loved Taylor's work on Injustice so I'm really looking forward to that.

    The starfire bit, honestly made me face palm. bleh

  2. Me too and I don't even read more than a couple issues from his title.

    No, I don't think so. I heard Taylor is going to take over for B/S.

  3. Here

    The B/S thing is just an arc I believe. In any case, I'm happy he's back on DC.

    Oh and at the Batman Bad Blood panel they said Jason and Tim exist on that universe but they haven't been introduced nor they've been Robins

  4. Ah, now I remember. This was the video that kept messing up on me with error messages earlier. Still pretty awesome.

    I wasn't sure because I heard some people worrying that Pak wasn't coming back.

    They haven't been Robins? ...That's kinda missing the point then especially with Jason being known as the Robin that died. Tim can at least get away with it as Red Robin but Jason couldn't have always been Red Hood.