Friday, October 30, 2015

The Kori/Dick/Babs love triangle

I explained why I don't like either relationship before but do the writers like them ?

I never thought Dick/Babs was as epic as everyone makes it sound, I wouldn't rank it up with Lois/Clark or any other icons pairing. I think Dick/Kory began well and was written better but it never quite made the cut either. It came closer though. I just don't get the writers mind frame when they try to show the "romance" especially now.

I have yet to see Babs have any chemistry with Dick in the relaunch, I don't know why he or anyone else likes her when she treats everyone like crap in most of the appearences I've seen her in. When the two have an opportunity they never go through with it and it comes off like some deranged game. Dick comes off immature and she's usually in a foul mood.

So now he apparently is going after Kori too. How he plans to make either relationship work given his undercover spy role I don't know but asking them to wait--after he pretended to be dead  too--feels like it would be asking too much. Jason told Dick he had the chance to talk to Kori (as in not date but clear the air and say hi) and he didn't take it. Would he be pulling this crap if she was still with Roy? Would this be like the infamous Nightwing Annual? Is he trying to have them both? Again hard to say since his current interest in relationships seems to have changed.

It was revealed that Kori has been purposely avoiding speaking about Dick much less seeing him. Lobdell never revealed the reason and Tynion said she made herself forget because the memory was so bad. It looked like she might have accidently hurt him. How much do you want to bet NONE of that is mentioned in Starfire?

The thing is...the writers might think it's cute to have the characters act a certain way or that their just stalling the relationship. But here's what they seem to miss: by making the characters act like this when their baiting the ship their making them look bad. Like Babs is using Luke or acting high and mighty like she has the right to have a say in Dick's love life. Dick barging in to their lives without respecting the relationships they might be in. And what I expect Starfire to be, the least of which is conveniently forgetful of things that previously bothered her. How are we supposed to like any of these characters if they treat each other crappy and you can't even see why they like each other?


  1. I think that Babs and Kori should get together with some booze and girl friends, and just have themselves a fine old time telling Dick stories.

    That came out dirtier than I intended.

  2. Everything comes out dirtier than you intend with Dick Grayson, lol. Yeah I don't get why writers have set them up like rivals in the past when both were more mature than that. At least they used to be. They should have a nice long talk about him and clear the air.