Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reading List for January

A crossover and a mini series both ending this month. A lot less hectic than December.

What I'm Getting:
  • Robin War #2: I got most of Robin War so I might as well finish it.
  • Titans Hunt #4: I'll find out soon if I like the series and if I don't I'll drop this.
  • Red Hood/Arsenal #8: Sooo...Jokers' Daughter. Are they teaming up with her? "Working" for her? Baiting her? If this was the old JD--Duela Dent--I might be interested given the brief interaction in Countdown. There's just not enough information to get a better picture what's going on. I'm not really looking forward to it just because of her character.
  • Back to the Future #4: The last issue of the mini series which I kind of have to get to finish the title. Fingers crossed that this and Titans Hunt are good.
  • Gotham Academy: This seems to be getting away from the doom and gloom. After dragging the plot with her mom it will be nice to have some more fun.

  • Green Lantern Corps Edge of Oblivion: It is a mini series which I wasn't sure if when I posted my comments on the solicits. So correction there is a mini series I'm interest in. I just usually collect GL in trades. It reads better that way. Still I feel like I need another good book.
  • Sinestro: Depending on what I hear or if I can get a good deal for this online, etc.

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