Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wait, I was right?

I was informed that my comment on Roy was true. Seriously ? I was just using the dumbest thing I could think of since I had so many Jason examples. I guess I'll have to wait to read the issue but I can't think of a reason for that not being stupid.


  1. Now you know why Titan's Hunt pissed me off.

  2. So he didn't know Roy was an alcoholic or just had him drinking for the hell of it? I'll wait to read the whole thing before passing judgement but WTF?

  3. It was Jason and Tim, in Batman and Robin Eternal. They just caught a bad guy and Jason wants to go to a bar for a drink and invites Tim along. Tim says he's underage, but Jason essentially says he's sure he could find a place that would serve Tim.

    But speaking of problems with consistently and characterization, BaRE is a clusterfuck in those areas. I honestly have no idea how Snyder and Tynion keep getting work. Just to give one example of their awful writing, they decide to make Dick look like a complete fool to make Cass look good, when he inexplicably tells Cass as he charges her how awesome he is at hand-to-hand combat before she just wrecks his ass. Because, you know, readers would never be able to tell how good Cass is at combat by just watching her fight, they have to be told how good her opponents are to really get it.

    I'll also point out that Snyder and Tynion consider the batboys as just parts of Batman, rather than deep, complex characters that can operate independently. It's even spelled out for readers in issue 3 that Dick, Jay, and Tim are just "heart", " muscles", and "brains" respectively. Can't wait to see Dick and Jay act dumber than a sack of hammers just so Tim can be "the smart one". At least Jason might actually put up a good fight for once since Eternal made him look as threatening as a drowned puppy, but I doubt it.