Monday, October 12, 2015

Here's an idea: Dead Robins

The recent NYCC stuff didn't fill me with much optimism. Snyder is ignoring Damian because he doesn't know how to write him. None of the writers present--at least according to one version--seem to favor Jason. 2016 is supposed to be a big year for the Robins yet we have BaRE which apparently doesn't know how to write Jason and will mostly be ignoring Damian. So why don't we have someone explore the obvious connect between the two?

One of the more interesting details I noticed was the hints of what happened to them after they died. RSOB implied Damian went to hell which is why he's so focused on making amends. RHATO Futures End had it revealed via Jasons' thought boxes that he was in heaven before he was yanked out "kicking and screaming" to return to life. Which might be a huge contributing factor for why he was so miserable when he came back. He didn't want to leave which might be why his soul was missing before Talia put him in the pit. (*1) How would they react to learning where the other was? 

I speculated Bruce trying to figure how how Jason came back since his return. How about an actual investigation or at least having them find out Bruce is determined to find out the truth. There's no way I buy the greatest detective just shrugging off the mystery of Jasons' resurrection.

*1 Mentioned by Talia herself way back in RHATO #2.


  1. While interesting, I doubt DC would be eager to even allude the whole Superboy prime business. That of course beg the question as for why they didn't simply went with the animated movie explanation.

  2. Superboy Prime? That has nothing to do with this universe especially since none of the crisis happened. If they had a problem with Jason returning by mysterious means they wouldn't have allowed it to be brought up in at least three different books.

    One of them confirming it after Tynion tried to say otherwise and one at the start of his run. Yes the editors haven't been great at continuty lately but they got rid of the former TT nods after a few months. The only reason Lobdell hasn't done anything seems to be because he likes having a mystery

  3. Well I mean, Secret Origins was set up n such a way that is impossible to not hink on the reality punch and since the multiverse and old characters are getting the push due Convergence, I can imagine they would be pressured to acknowledge Superboy Prime.

  4. I don't see why, they don't want to go back and Convergence already undid the first Crisis. There's tons of reasons Jason could have come back without bringing back the Superboy Prime angle. Ollie was brought back without it for example. Jason could have had run ins with magic users and unknowingly been affected.

    Despite Tynion suggesting otherwise Tomasi stuck with Lobdells' idea for the Batman and Red Hood issue. In that same arc he changed the Damian/Tim confrontation to synch up with the new canon. No one at DC seems bothered by it at this point except maybe Tynion.

  5. The fact they can use anything to explain Jason's resurrection is what makes so baffling Secret Origins' 5. I mean, why rehash almost panel by panel the sequence from Under the Red Hood?

  6. The fact that he clawed his way out of his grave? It's iconic and has some mystery to it which I have to agree with Lobdell is interesting. I don't really see how it ties into the Prime thing because people who don't know that can't make that connection.