Monday, October 26, 2015

Titans Hunt #1

Featuring the Roy Harper controversy ! Honestly I haven't read many comments on it so I have no idea how many readers care. Let's see how it's done.


Roy gets freaked out over his suppressed memories coming out and gets a bottle of whiskey. If you've been following the character since the relaunch you know that's bad because he's a recovering alcoholic. Gnarrk (who I remember being listed as a Titan in interviews but can't place) happens to check him out. Noticing Roys' reflexes he calls him Speedy which doesn't help his state of mind.

Dick is on a mission that deals with meta human organs being sold. It happens that the lungs being sold are Alantean which brings Garth to the scene. This ruins the operation Dick was preparing for since Garth has no problem killing the men. He leaves Dick alive since he doesn't matter and Dick seems to remember something.

Donna seems to draw attention and it's not surprising since most don't walk around in hooded capes.

Malcolm Duncan wins an award only to get dazed by some memory.

Dick gets a "call" from Lilth assuming she's on the phone. She tells him to find the others. Roy walks up after apparently getting so drunk he passed out in the back of a pick up truck when a tornado warning was on. Is he suicidal ? He calls for help and the person on the other line happens to be Lilith. In her filing cabinet under "T" Lilith has several files on the Titans.

Overall: This was a very weak opening with some characters having very little to actually do besides showing up. A lot of the dialogue was stiff especially with Garth and the text boxes. Many of which weren't needed. The art was alright except for Dick who often came out looking awkward.

When I first heard about this I thought Roys' drinking problem wouldn't be addressed and just have him casually drinking with Dick. This actually brings up how stupid Roy knows it is before he drinks. I would have thought Lilith could talk to Roy one on one about this to prevent him from falling off the wagon given their connection. At the moment I don't think this was done against Lobdells' wishes which I'll explain elsewhere. As for the series it's self I hope it picks up as all it has going for it at the moment is nostalgia. I'm giving it a little leeway since it still has to reintroduce all the characters, have them meet and explain the past. A few issues should give a better feeling for the direction.

Say What ?: Roy looking like a teenager. I don't know if that's a nod to TEEN Titans but it gets me because so many writers can't remember Jason is younger than Dick and Roy. So if someone questions Roys' age how could Jason get drinks ?

Dick tells Garth his name is Richard ? That's not the name he goes by, usually he just introduces himself by his nickname and surname.

Malcolm is still married to Karen ?! I shocked because I thought marriage was outlawed. This makes me worry greatly for her safety even if her character will be getting attention in the DC girls cartoon.

Dick thinks Lilith is on the phone despite not hearing it ring?

Questions Raised ?: Can Garth actually see Dick's face, etc. ? Remember the implants he has ?

A giant "T" ? The one that Cyborgs' dad made in the last canon? If he's not a Titan then how did it get made?


  1. The Roy scene is still incredible jarring for anyone following the character since the N52. Specially with the fact we just had the Waylon scene on RH/A 4 and before that the plane scene on RH/A 2. It simply doesn't makes a lick of sense to have Roy buying a drink just because.

  2. I think Lobdell plans to use it although the execution here could have been better. I could at least understand it a little better if we're actually shown that Roy can't get the images out of his head and was haunted by it.

    This just seems like an annoyance that stresses him out some. Now Lobdell has to come up with a reason for Roy not telling Jason why he's freaking out.

  3. I don't think is gonna be adressed by either RH/A nor Titan's Hunt. I mean, first Lilith comes out from freaking nowhere as counselor and then we have Roy looking nothing alike with his RH/A version.

  4. Titans Hunt is pretty much an editorial mandate with the same editor as RHA. I can't see it not coming up since Lobdell sets this series up with Roy having identity issues and worrying about his sobriety. As for the art everyone seems to have trouble keeping up with the new designs.

    It might take awhile to get back to this plot since TH is 12 issues long and they might worry about spoilers. But I don't think Lobdell would ignore it or what happened. Other stories (Tynion, etc.) are easier to ignore.