Monday, October 19, 2015

DC January Solicits 2016

Every once in awhile I come across someone that doesn't read solicits because they want to be surprised. That's a good idea but I don't know if I could do that. I love reading the solicits. It also tells me which new books are coming out and when my favorites are appearing in other books. I can budget better that way and won't run as big a risk of missing out.

  • Robin War. I was hoping the cover for the second and last issue would have Dick and Jason on it since the first has Damian and Tim.
  • We Are Robin. Gee, it's almost like forming a gang of Robins that aren't trained was a bad idea that attracts the wrong kind of attention. Their lucky it's not the real Joker.
  • Red Hood/Arsenal. I was okay with Duela Dent before Flashpoint but I don't care for this version of the Jokers' Daughter. At all. She has the vibe of the editors forcing writing to use her. At the very least give her a new look. Speaking of which what's up with Jason? Anyway I don't get what their implying in the solicit so we'll see.
  • Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion. This appears be a mini series. I have to say this is the only Lantern book that interests me.
  • Starfire. I think the writers will push their new character into a relationship with Kori but I'm sick of all this shipper baiting. I don't like this ship of Babs/Dick and both seem to be teasing.
  • Batman and Robin Eternal. The image of Batman on the cover looks familiar. I've seen it somewhere before. This is going to bug me.
  • Titans Hunt. Whether I get this will depend on how I feel about the first few issues. I like the idea of Hawk and Dove showing up if only to see what they'd bring to the mix. Plus Don is probably the only Titan to die in this canon. I don't think Jason will be one.
  • Teen Titans. Doomed in TT. I thought he was older than them. Makes sense though.
  • Justice League 3001. Do Blue and Gold do anything in this book?
  • Azrael tpb huh? Usually they release things like this when characters are showing up again.
  • Sinestro:...I think Jason will be in this? He's on the cover. I'll wait to hear more.
  • Lots of books I want to get in trade paper back. RSOB, Doomed and according to leaks some other books not listed are coming out in March.

I'm honestly really disappointed. I had hoped that with all these rumors floating around that there would be some new series coming out. Yes there are some mini series but I heard about them awhile ago and none of them interests me.


  1. Joker's Daughter being on RH/A took me entirely by surprise. But I can't say I'm entirely opposite to it.

    The concept had potential, it simply was squandered with poor writers. Besides, it makes sense when you think about it. Jason took the Red Hood persona from the Joker so I can totally see him tolerating JD just like another way to mess up with the Joker/his legacy. So it seems Fernandez really is our new artist, now if only they would pick a costume for Jason...

    Robin War's cover doesn't fills me with hope, is simply absurd to even suggest a bunch of untrained kids will be able to make a stand against the Talons.

    The Batman on the B&RE cover definitely looks like it was copy pasted from one issue of Finch's Dark Knight.

    Suprised about Lobdell's return to TT. I might pick up the book again and hey, Doomed will stick around!

    JPV was one of my favorite characters on the Pre N52, I really hope this means he will make his return.

  2. Whether Jason is fine with it depends on what she's like. I've heard a writer describe her as evil and just doing things because she likes it. Writing her vastly different wouldn't really work in anyone's favor. If she did attack Roy it does raise more questions about any tolerance. I don't want her in the series long.

    That did give me a "whatever" moment when I saw it. Batmans' Robins should be protecting them. Otherwise it doesn't make sense.

    Yes, I think that's it! There has been a disturbing amount of copying/tracing in comics lately.

    It's why it never occurred to me that Doomed might be in TT after Wonder Girl appeared. I'm unsure if I'll pick it up. I enjoy the character but I'm not sure about the book it's self.

    They did say Cassandra might not be the only character returning in BaRE so it wouldn't surprise me if it was him.