Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Situation with Roy

The end of the latest RHA was rather sudden and alarming for Roy. What does it mean for his future?


Roy has been acting odd for awhile now which was partly explained by his coping to his abrupt break with Kori. Last issue he admitted he wasn't sure who he is anymore. After witnessing Jason being a more open person and confronting his past Roy wondered if he could talk to his friend. Possibly hinting at the memory loss mentioned in the Titans Hunt solicits. Only Roy didn't get too far since Jokers' Daughter decided to sneak up on him and fired a shot. I don't believe he's gone--I mean TH isn't even out yet and they want to add more to his past. Still it does leave some options.

The past few issues have villains coming together to take down the guys. Jokers Daughter wasn't present and doesn't actually have any prior history with the leads in this canon. The dead have been revived for this plot against Jason and Roy. I think there was an implication that JD was murdered by Joker too. Roy could be brought back for it or this could be a fake out. One panel has the gun to his head but we don't see where she shoots in the next panel.

If Roy did die it could give him another connection with Jason although Jasons' own death hasn't really been touched upon much. Next issue was solicit as them seeing a therapist or something. Are the villains capable of getting into their heads? Is that why Roys' remembering things? Is this going to help break their partnership up? Why couldn't this be the weekly series?


  1. you dont think all thats going to play into titans hunt?

  2. The memory loss yes but the Jokers' Daughter/revenge plot is what I'm mainly focused on. That will likely be next issue before the Robin War stuff. If you mean is the JD bit connected to TH? Maybe. It just feels a little odd to have in just before the revenge issue is supposed to come out.

  3. I'm like 90% certain is a fakeout and Roy will be fine next issue. Said that I see two possible outcomes: either Roy is benched for a while so he can deal with Titan's Hunt or we have a new arc with Joker's Daughter.

    Either way, I don't see how the solicit for issue 6 is accurate.

  4. That's how I feel about this set up. Although his bench time would have to take place between issues if the solicit for #7 is true. The same deal for Jokers' Daughter too.

    It might not be but I just assumed the therapy bit was a tongue and cheek nod to a villain who's a messing with his mind or a psychiatrist.