Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We Are Robin Interview

Here. Some thought below.

CBR News: The big game-changing moment in "We Are Robin" #4 occurs when Batgirl arrives on the scene and legitimizes -- at least for Riko -- what it means to wear the 'R.' For you, what does is it mean to wear Robin's trademark 'R'?

Lee Bermejo: Wearing the 'R' is part of a legacy. A major theme of the book, and I have been saying this from the very beginning, [is that] it's one thing to call yourself a 'Robin'; it's another thing to be a 'Robin.' It's fun to watch bad guys hit the floor, but it really means something much bigger than that. It's the idea that you are part of something bigger than yourself. And not only that but you also have to respect the symbol. In Gotham, wearing the 'R' is part of the city's mythology. The city has seen different Robins over the years and they have also seen different Batmans. The concept is big enough in the public's eye where I thought there should be a moment where one of the "old guard," so to speak, drives that point home to these kids. It is certainly something that we are going to be exploring in different ways in future issues, as well.

Sorry but the wording in the CBR News section bugs me. Batgirl shouldn't try to legitimize anyone wearing an "R" because it's none of her business. Barbara holds zero authority here, she doesn't get to decide who should be Robin not even the past Robins got much say in that. But even they have more sway over this than her because it's THEIR LEGACY. Barbara got to say who was Batgirl before the relaunch which is why so many people don't count Helena B. as Batgirl. Being Batgirl is different than being Robin. Plus she should be against this for the danger and didn't BE make her snobby about new people?

This is a team book but again, Duke Thomas is obviously at the center of your story. He's young and just starting his crimefighting career, but how does he rate against or compare to the Robins of the past like Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Jason Todd?
Duke is very cerebral. He's a problem solver and that makes for being a good detective. I think that the other Robins of the past, for the most part, have really relied on athleticism. That said, Dick and Tim were both super intelligent too. Like Bruce [Wayne], they're almost too perfect. With Duke, he can hold his own but he makes mistakes. And it's fun watching him grow into the role and making those mistakes. But Duke's real strength is problem solving and Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have really set the tone in "Batman" with what he is capable of. I don't think Batman has had a sidekick yet that is a true detective -- someone that can really or her step up during the problem solving process.

...Aren't ALL of the Robins problem solvers? In at least three of my five Jason Todd Robin picks he's responsible for the day being saved by using his head. Tim is the one that everyone builds up as super smart not so much Dick. Really? Their like Bruce because their "almost too perfect"? Guess we know who's the writers favorites. Uh yeah, it was stated multiple times that TIM is a true detective! Hell ALL of them have solved things. This REALLY makes me worried how Jason will be written. He doesn't just rely on just athleticism--NONE of them do. If they did none of them would be capable of doing solo missions! How can you write a book about the Robin legacy and not know this stuff?!

Looking ahead, we know from the solicitation copy that "We Are Robin" is going to crossover with the "Robin War" event. What can you share about how this story ties into the upcoming crossover?
Readers are going to get a good idea of the direction the book and that event is going to take over the next couple of issues of "We Are Robin." It's very much tied into "Robin War." Not to say that it's going to be absolutely necessary to read "Robin War" and all the tie-in issues to enjoy "We Are Robin," but there are definitely going to be some interconnections there. 
What I can say about "Robin War" is that some of these characters have met Batman and one of them has met Batgirl, but there has not been the presence felt of a Robin. That's the important part of the puzzle. How will the other Robins react to a group of young kids that are more idealistic and inspired without necessarily being ready to handle what comes their way? We'll see that in "Robin War."

I hope the other writers have some say in Robin War because this interview doesn't fill me with confidence. Yeah I get that he's trying to say Duke is the Everyman character but so were Jason and Tim. He doesn't seem to get the characters and that really worries me.


  1. I met Bermejo a few weeks ago, he's a hell of a guy and one of the best artists currently on the business but he doesn't understands the Robin Legacy. AT ALL.

    The weirdest bit is the way he dismisses Robin War, DESPITE BEING CAUSED BY HIS OWN CHARACTERS.

  2. Yeah it doesn't sound like he's ever read more than a few issues with Robins in them.

    That makes me wonder if this is going to be a) the Robins all accept the WAR kids for no real reason or b) they don't which makes them in the wrong for some reason.

  3. Good question, considering they want to keep WAR around I'd guess is gonna be A

  4. That's one of the things that bothers me because if their in character none of them would be thrilled with this. I could see them going "fine let's teach them how to survive because their doing this anyway." Otherwise I call BS.