Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jason finds out about Bruce

In regards to a question Sally asked a bit back about the bat kids.


The question was if the bat kids knew about the situation with Bruce. I mentioned some of this already I just think I might need to recap. Dick met him in disguise (I haven't bought the issue yet but I saw scans) because Alfred didn't apparently want to risk triggering Bruces' memory. In Red Hood/Arsenal #4 we learned that Alfred didn't even bother to tell Jason that Bruce was alive. Jason claimed he didn't believe Batman was dead although RHA #5 shows him realizing he misses Bruce and worries about the death rumors being true. Before leaving town Jason takes a friends' advise to visit the youth center he used to go to before Bruce took him in.

Hearing a voice Jason turns to find a rather unusual sight.

Look at him totally taken off guard by this. He literally has no idea what's going on with Bruce. 

If you remember one of Bruce and Jasons' biggest problems was communication.

Yet Jasons' more open than usual because he was starting to think he lost Bruce for good. More than that he appreciates everything Bruce did for him even before they met.

He doesn't know what Bruce is doing or why. Jasons' just so happy that he's alive.

Do you see how much this meant to Jason? He's awkward afterwards but he was just so thrilled to see him. And this is what Alfreds' willfully denying all the Robins. Bruce is their dad yet their not even told that he's alive?! Or is it just Jason?! Either way WTF Alfred?!


  1. Wow, Alfred was a colossal ass with Dick then. I really wish there would be a better coordination with Snyder because his stubborness is denying a lot of great moments with the boys, Damian in particular.

    I'm getting real tired of Snyder sweeping Damian under the rug because "he doesn't know know how writing him" Like, dude, you're a professional writer is your duty to man up and use everything at hand to tell the best stories possible.

  2. Alfred is being an ass to all of them and an idiot if he thinks they won't find out anyway. I don't really get Snyder not wanting to tell this story with the boys. Maybe it's part of the example of Alfred being unhinged to start WAR. During NYCC it was mentioned that a Damian/Bruce story was coming just not from him.

    I rather have a refusal to write a character wrong than some of the crap other writers have done with these characters. I do wonder if he has trouble writing Tim and Jason.

  3. Something very weird is going on with Alfred. It is as though he has just abandoned the kids so that he can wring his hands over Bruce.

  4. Yeah, these are the same kids he'd defend against Bruce treating them like crap. Then he takes on new untrained kids to command from a distance.