Sunday, May 17, 2015

Answers for Booster Gold Quiz

I was going to get pictures but my computer won't let me upload them at the moment. The answers and a few extra thoughts below.

1. What was Boosters' ancestor Daniel Carters' job and how good at it was he?

From to 52 Week 19- Daniel worked for Evergreen Insurance company as the fifth-best term-life salesman. He was number five out of six. As he tells it to Skeets this job seems to be something he settled for once his scholarship tanked. I also read it and his later slacker lifestyle in BG VOL. 2. as Daniel not being as ambitious as Booster and not as willing to work as hard since he jumps at the chance Skeets offer. Sure there's more to it like his bitterness, desire for glory and what Skeets later assumes is PTSD in BG VOL. 2. Daniel does provide an interesting comparison to Booster for not being as outgoing and having bad thing happen to him rather than then it being his fault. Well for the most part.

2. Michelle never got a middle name like her brother but she did get an initial. What was it and bonus points for what book it was.

Michelle A. Carter which is seen on the computer screen for people Booster has connections to in Countdown to Infinite Crisis.

This might not be the middle name Jurgens intended though. If Boosters' middle name (Jon after their father) is any indication Michelle's middle name might be the same name as their mother.

3. At what age were the twins when their dad left them?

The twins were four when he left which is mentioned several times in Jurgens written BG stories. Usually in the retellings of Boosters' origin, a couple of which (in VOL. 2) show them as kids during this period.

4. Who's idea was it to set up a casino on Kooey Kooey Kooey?

Ted Kord. I chose this question because many later writers confused how Blue and Gold were written in JLI. Ted was the (main) trouble maker while Booster was the straight man that usually got dragged along. This arc was proof of that with Ted making some truly bad choices that Booster objected to but got talked into. What's especially distrubing for me is how Booster has a gambling problem, something Booster revealed to Ted in Secret Origins #35. Ted even suggests rigging the table to Booster horror (seriously look at his face) and rejects the idea.

5. When Max returned from the dead why didn't he make Booster look bad like the rest of his teammates?

From Justice League Generation Lost-While Max never discusses the subject the team believe it's because destroying Boosters' name is pointless as he already has a bad reputation. I loved this bit for several reasons. Yes it says Max isn't going to waste his time and brings home how lowly Boosters' regarded but it's incredibly short sighted of Max too. Despite how most view him Booster does still have powerful friends that know the truth like Batman.

Booster of course can shrug off these events the best because he's used to it and ironically in becoming more determined he shreds his image as a bumbling fool in front of his friends. Later on after the Red Rocket raid Tora says Booster is the only one that can go back to his old life. Which is true but not just because he kept his disguise on. Booster, despite already having a foolish appearance isn't considered dangerous or unstable like most of them.

6. When Rip was looking for superheroes to help him with his time travel project Booster told him not to piss someone off. Who was it?

From the Time Masters mini series- Booster was referring to Superman who he managed to talk into seeing Rip so they could discuss preventing an approaching nuclear disaster. Since Booster wasn't on the best of terms with the Man of Steel getting him to come couldn't have been an easy feat. This warning is amazing since its not just him trying to ensure his efforts weren't in vain but the possiblity of Superman being easy to piss off. Rip seems to think this is silly when he's told but finds Superman rather cold after their meeting. Personally I found him more condescending.

7. Name three things that Broderick thought were strange/wasteful about the past. Nothing Booster related just about the difference of the past vs. the future.

Eating meat (in his time you can see they had soy hot dogs), wasting water and legal firearms. The whole issue gives more insight on how alien things would seem to Booster. It also highlights the fact that Michelle prepared to risk everything to help her brother escape with an illegal gun.

8. What was Dirk Davis' daughters' name?

Sarah who ironically helped humanize Dirk even though he became a Manhunter but the end of the series.

9. What did Superman think of Supernova?

Clark thought he was a professional hero and liked how he handled a situation to ensure no innocents were harmed. Given their history and how Clark defended Booster this was truly a brilliant touch.

10. What did Batman do to let Booster know he did well against the Royal Flush gang?

He smiled which is always a big thing for Batman. Later on he praised Booster, partly to mock Guy, but the smile was big.

I was pleased to see my memory was still pretty good since the only thing I looked up was the exact wording for #1 although I knew it was insurances and  being 5 out of 6. This and the Robin quiz are facts that stuck with me. It's fun sharing my love of these characters so I plan on doing some more.


  1. Michelle's middle initial had me completely stumped until you gave me that hint. It was a good quiz. Thanks.

  2. The Michelle bit caught my attention when I first got it because the initial really wasn't even needed. Thanks.