Wednesday, May 6, 2015

June's "Sneak Peeks"

I'll review Prez when I get Batgirl but I have all the other ones.


Edit: Prez

I believe this takes place outside the main DCU, right? I'm not really sure what happened. Does she have powers? No interest in following this.

Detective Comics

This features Mecha Batman but he's honestly not the interesting factor. No that would be Harvey Bullock and for some of us pre-52 fans  the long awaited return of Renee Montoya. This does make the reader wonder what the hell is going on with Harvey and to a lesser extent why he thinks Jim will be okay with what he's doing. The mystery will be the hook and I always liked theses characters although I don't care about the new Batman. More because I'm tired of the "we think Batman is dead" plots,

Section Eight

I'm not really sure what I read. This kind of explains the group but for people like me who haven't read them before it raises a lot of questions. Are these all crazy people like the name suggests or what? This sort of recaps a little of their history while the group tries recruiting. A nice change of pace I guess since it is different I'm just lost and feel like this book won't be for me.


This is actually pretty good as it sets up a pretty fun dynamic. The star trying to be a hero but not having the best control over his powers and being unable to talk when he's in monster form. While the visual clue to his "arch enemy" might set up a familiar idea the miscommunication is what I find a refreshing take. I might pick this up online because this was a fun read.

Green Lantern

Hal is in trouble, sporting a new longer hair style and a new weapon. The weapon it's self is something that might make a good story although not much is revealed here. Basically this is Hal trying to explain himself without really explaining much. Just a tease for the audience about the new situation Hal finds himself in. Tip for escaping notice Hal: DON'T. WEAR. GREEN. Otherwise a solid read.


I'm surprised to see characters that were in RHATO but I still doubt the creative team did more than glance at the characters. Because Kori is taking to people she previously had no connection with and someone that almost killed her. Most of it makes no sense like Tim knowing her (sure ask him instead of Jason.) At least the panel with Roy fits somewhat although he's too harsh by comparing her to circus freaks. WTF.. The mention of modeling is a callback and won't fit in the current DCU. Also we saw in RHATO that there were places aliens blended in making the question kind of moot. This was a chore to read after I got to the Superman part where it was obvious the creative team didn't bother to research. Kori doesn't like him and he doesn't like her except now they suddenly do. Oh and Kori doesn't understand a joke now even though it was said by a enemy. Despite living on earth she has no concept of the world because you can't apparently learn anything from superheroes.

I was invested in RHATO so seeing all of Koris' development thrown out the window to reboot her as the pre-Flashpoint Kori is a kick in the teeth. Worse she seems a little dim. The art is gorgeous but outside that not much for me too like.


The writing felt a little off but the plot was alright. For anyone wondering their not shying away from him being gay. In fact it's embrace and he even slips in a joke later on. Midnighter kicks ass and retains at least one part of his softer side. No Apollo though. We also learn our lead is a fan of the dark knight which might not be so surprising. This doesn't convience me to get the title but it's okay.

Omega Men

The Citadel (those that took Kori into slavery) have sent Kyle Rayner to negotiate their terms. The Omega Men aren't pleased and want to use Kyle as an example. There sure is a lot of static in space programs. Anyway this was okay but the dialogue was off. In some places it worked like an alien not understanding how to speak another language, in others it just dragged. Still a hook for readers.

Green Arrow

Ollie is supposed to be 25?! I thought Lemire had him at Bruces' age. Well anyway this wins the award for the wordiest teaser. He doesn't know who he is and has a highly questionable drink. It feels like it's trying to hard to be something amazing for a short comic. It also makes Ollie something of a dick to abandon his baby sister to find himself. So with Roy near his age I guess that makes her the kid he doesn't know how to look after.

Red Hood/Arsenal

The guys go undercover to take down Kobra which comes off like a Saturday morning cartoon. The costumes do look different inside the actual book and I'm not loving their haircuts. The banter is the best part which does have me looking forward to the series. I just wish there was an actual design that sticks. All the covers have Roy in his hat but not here. Jason is wearing more red now and his pants aren't green. Otherwise a fast paced and fun teaser.

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