Sunday, May 3, 2015

Just for Fun Part 1

1. marvel or dc?? why?

DC. Marvel killed my interest with the death of the Spider-Marriage (which teaches us to make packs with the devil), uninteresting overly complicated X-Men and ending Spider-Girl. I came back for New Warriors, Scarlet Spider and Mayday Spider-Girl but the first two were canceled and the latter had its mythos gutted for no good reason. I have no interest in putting up with popular writers who don't bother to research a character and take the laziest route possible. I might buy a Spider-Girl series if the original creative team is involved and get Star Wars comics in trade. Otherwise it's too overpriced and usually feels like a waste of money. I may not be thrilled with everything at DC but at least a have a couple of books I enjoy.

2. favorite male character?

This seriously changes a lot. I kind of rotate my favorites. Booster Gold, Rip Hunter, Jason Todd, Roy Harper, etc. 

3. favorite female character?

Same as above. Starfire is the current one although it sounds like their tossing all her current development out the window which I hate. Cassandra Cain, Mayday Parker, Princess Leia, etc.

4. would you rather be an xmen or avenger?

Years ago I would have said X-Man but that's changed. The Avengers are loved by the public and don't currently bug me as much.

5. what would your mutant superpower be?

Force field, more like Cecila Reyes than Skids. I recall Skids having trouble eating because it was always up (at the beginning) and Cecila started out with her force field automatically coming up when she was endangered.

6. would you want to live in a universe where superheros/villains existed?

It might be cool for awhile especially if I had powers just not something that would be great long term. Think of the damage.

7. who do you think has the coolest superpower?

Characters that have combo packs of powers. It's always nice to have a lot of options.


  1. Nice. I have to say DC too, although lately Marvel has been wooing me back to their side of the aisle with all the quirky books, like Squirrel Girl and Ant-Man and Ms. Marvel. And Loki, and Thor, and Daredevil...but that's it!

    Teleportation would be handy.

  2. Marvel has let me down more. I may like some of their Star Wars books but right now I just feel so apathetic about most of their main universe.

    Yep, that and phasing would be so useful.