Monday, May 11, 2015

Robin Quiz

I like writing these and decided to do this for the sidekicks.

  1. Dick Grayson's nickname was Robin because he was born on what day ?
  2. Counting pre-Crisis Jason Todd has the most parents. How many and what were their names? Adopted counts. Extra point for naming the person who seriously considered adopting him. (*1)
  3. Which Robin had a kid before becoming Batmans' partner ?
  4. What religion did Chuck Dixon want Tim Drakes' family to be ?
  5. Dick was a bartender and a what in his original series ?
  6. In the original story Morrison referred to (sort of) about Damian Wayne's conception what did Talia do with Damian ?
  7. What are the first 3 Robins middle names ? (Drake is Tims' in new 52 so I mean pre-52.)
  8. Name 3 female Robins.
  9. Which Robin in current canon has been hinted at having a sibling ? (*2) 
  10. Why did Tim decide to go by Red Robin in new 52 ?

*1 Anyone with the same name counts as one.
*2 Alternate reality versions don't count.


  1. This is terrible! All I know is that Stephanie had a baby. As for female Robins, Stephanie, and whatsername from Old Bats...Kelly or something?

    God, I'm terrible at Bat-trivia.

  2. I'll do an answer sheet for these at some point. I just have so much fun doing these especially since some of this isn't well known.