Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bad Haircuts

I've seen a lot of complaining about a certain haircut lately and I mean to ridiculous levels. There's an actual claim that the character is ruined now because of a freaking hair style! Now I don't really love it either but let's get some perceptive. A lot of characters get bad haircuts. Remember the dos Nightwing got?
The long ponytail and sometimes rattail?

The mullet, especially when combined with his causal wear?
It can be worse people.


  1. Gah! What was it with the 90's? I can remember pony-tails that if they weren't swirling in constant motion, would have been twenty feet long!

  2. Everyone needed action hair! Did you see Spider-Mans' clone during the 90s? They had epic hair, one of them basically had Disney Princess hair.