Thursday, May 28, 2015

Looking Ahead

Real life stuff is a little stressful at the moment so I don't really feel like doing reviews for Convergence Batgirl and Convergence. I may at some point just not for awhile. I'm looking forward to next month and what we'll learn in SDCC. There just aren't many books I'm hyped about. I'm giving Batman Beyond and We Are Robin each an one issue try although I'm not expecting to be wowed. BB for obvious reasons and WAR is a book that I have little information on.

I'm continuing Gotham Academy which hasn't disappointed me so far and Red Hood/Arsenal although the idea of them running their own business feels a little odd. At the same time I feel like there should be a big announcement around the counter that I'd be interested in. I know DC had plans for Booster for example that at the moment have equaled to JLI, a cameo appearance with Hex, an one shot and a two parter. Just the fact that the new Booster had his origin teased and what happened at the end of the of CBG makes me feel like something should be happening. While we didn't get much for Catwomans' 75th anniversay I'm hoping other anniversaries get some love.

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  1. Just letting know that you can see RHA preview here

    Looks fantastic and art wise, is a step up over what we saw on the sneak peek. So excited for this