Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Short Review: Convergence #5

Wasnt this series supposed to feature different worlds fighting? So far it's mainly Earth 2.


Telos finally gets some backstory as Deimos reveals he's a survivor of one of the doomed worlds that was made to forget who he is. Brainiac is trapped as Deimos takes over the big bad role. The Earth 2 heroes fight against him, they get separated from him and Yolanda. He offers all the cities a chance to live if they agree to his terms.

Overall: If you follow Warlord you might like this although the confrontation of those characters seems very anti-climatic to me. To the surprise of no one Earth 2 Dick Grayson decides to become Batman even though he has little to no connection to the Waynes. This might make more sense in the Worlds End series but this one had Dick admit in a previous issue that they didn't know each other. This feels like a meh mini series yet I still prefer it over Forever Evil mainly because the story feels like it's progressing at a faster pace. The heroes are all gathered, another villain has usurped the big bad, and we're at the halfway point. That said it does feel rushed in places and unnecessary in others.

Telos origin does remind me of the Silver Surfer but not much is done with this afterward. Dick claims he's like them then asks Alan if he can be on their side later. Maybe Telos will switch sides but it's still a little confusing as I thought he was part of the planet.

Say What?: More talk about the characters former existence this time mentioning how Yolanda used to be Wildcat (2) pre-Flashpoint.

The Time Travelers said Telos was wrong about the Future and the past. Since Deimos took their power he sees a future where Lois and Clark will be together again as will the TT. Is it the new future for DCnU or something else?

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