Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Booster Gold Quiz

I wanted to do something special for the BG anniversay but I'm not sure what. So test your knowledge with this short quiz.

  1. What was Boosters' ancestor Daniel Carters' job and how good at it was he?
  2. Michelle never got a middle name like her brother but she did get an initial. What was it and bonus points for what book it was.
  3. At what age were the twins when their dad left them?
  4. Who's idea was it to set up a casino on Kooey Kooey Kooey?
  5. When Max returned from the dead why didn't he make Booster look bad like the rest of his teammates?
  6. When Rip was looking for superheroes to help him with his time travel project Booster told him not to piss someone off. Who was it?
  7. Name three things that Broderick thought were strange/wasteful about the past. Nothing Booster related just about the difference of the past vs. the future.
  8. What was Dirk Davis' daughters' name?
  9. What did Superman think of Supernova?
  10. What did Batman do to let Booster know he did well against the Royal Flush gang?


  1. Ted! It was all Ted's fault!

    Batman kissed him full on the lips?

  2. I have a feeling that's the title for Boosters' chapter on JLI in his autobiography.

    In the uncensored version but it gets a little graphic after that. ;)

  3. Michelle's middle initial has me stumped. That's going to take some research. (Do I get a hint?)

    Can I repost this list (with permission and a link, of course)?

  4. It was in the comic that mentioned Michelle for the first time since the first BG series.

    Sure, I don't mind.