Saturday, May 2, 2015

Free Comics Book Day 2015

My LCS had it set up different than any other comic store I've visited during FCBD. Usually there's a table set up to the side but this time it was right next to the register making it hard for the people trying to buy their comics. Fortunately I didn't have to buy anything but it was weird to see everyone bottlenecking to get to that area. I was pleased to see other female customers one in particular dressed up for the day in a Robin shirt, socks, Batman headphones and tote bag. She even color coordinated her green skirt and red shoes to match the Robin look.


Usually stores I go to have a limit the first day and theirs was four books I got:

Simpsons: It is pretty fun if you're a fan of the show. There's a few short stories mostly about the family's' antics with only one devoted to anything comic book related which of course stars Comicbook Guy. It's only two pages but it's good to see it didn't make fun of female comic fans which I feared it would.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The IDW version which was pretty good. I'll have to get the series at some point because there's a lot to go over.

The Phantom: It's just reprints but still nice to havel

Divergence: This one had three stories with three different writers. I have no interest in Jim Gordon as Batman although it did catch my eye that Powers is funding the Mecha Batman and has aquired Wayne Enterprises. Mainly because the Powers family the same ones that will be villains in Batman Beyond. No seriously Snyder commented in Night of the Owls that the Powers lady that belonged to the Court of Owls that Batman trapped in the elevator was from that family. Otherwise I'm not interested in another "Batman is totally dead" plotline.

Superman Jimmy really comes off like Roy Harper but otherwise not much to love. The idea of Clark Kent being outed isn't bad but having Lois being the one to do it? No thanks.

Johns has never really got Wonder Woman so it doesn't surprise me that this story that's connected to her people doesn't deal with her much. Nevertheless it was my favorite since it gave a nice origin for Grail and had Johns usual look into the future. The most interesting being Batman becoming a New God although I'd rather see that affect other titles to see those close to him reacting to it. Grails mother certainly kicks ass after just giving birth. The seer list the JL although I'm not certain who Jason is. Blood? Also no one guessed she was with Darkseid even though she has the omega symbol under her eye?

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