Thursday, May 21, 2015

Robin Quiz 2

Another round of the Robin Quiz.

  1. Dick Grayson's part of what ethnic background on his fathers' side?
  2. How did Batman say he knew Tim Drake didn't kill Cassandra Cain? 
  3. According to Lil' Gotham Damian doesn't want what as a pet?
  4. What was Dicks' nickname for Jason Todd?
  5. Iconically Stephanie Brown went where when she faked her death?
  6. Why was Helena Wayne called Robin in Earth 2?
  7. One of the few stories that deals with post-Crisis Jasons' school life showed where he ranked in the class. What was it? Extra points for the the percentage.
  8. In what order were the boys adopted post-Crisis? 
  9. Name those responsible for the deaths of the boys' parents counting Jasons' pre-Crisis origins but extempting Bruces' "deaths" since he technically wasn't dead.
  10. What happened to Tims' parents in new 52?

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