Wednesday, May 27, 2015

June's Sneak Peeks Week 4

The final week and I'm going to miss all the free comics we got for a month. That said there was one I couldn't force myself to read.


Black Canary: I believe this is Dinahs' first solo series. The last she shared with Ollie and I think there might have been a mini series. This was alright I'm just not sure how it fits with her new canon or if she rebooted again. Dinah is in a band and gets into fights, that's about it. BTW did that guy with the guitar have super strength to hit her that high?

Superman: The same comic from Free Comic Book Day.

Batman: The same comic from Free Comic Book Day.

Justice League: The same comic from Free Comic Book Day.

Superman/Wonder Woman: Clark isn't doing so well since his powers went bye-bye. After getting into the JL headquarters he punches out Barry who given his speed really should have seen that coming. We get a shrug off for this as Clark saying Barry wouldn't know since it was a sucker punch but come on, he basically told him to expect one by saying he was sorry. Diana tries so stop Clark from going into the sun to get his powers back. I don't know if Clarks' lying to get her mad but I laughed went he said he didn't love her anymore. Mainly because I was thinking how their relationship just doesn't come across as genuine.

Justice League United: The heroes gather a lot of heroes and villains to aid them against an upcoming threat. Nice to see Booster but I could have done without one person. It would have been nice if we got the unusual characters that get ignored this too. Nothing much to this.

Cyborg: Vic kind of dies and comes back with human parts in place of his severed mechanical arms. The idea of Vic being human has been played with so it makes a compelling story even if it seems unlikely it will last given his superhero name. Still enjoyable.

Harley Quinn: It's recruiting time as Harley gets her own gang together. They complain over superhero names including Goldstar--which they shouldn't even be aware but whatever. She also has a kickass red headed woman in a wheelchair working for her which I wish was someone else. Not a bad preview.

Flash: I was never much of a Flash fan but it just doesn't seem right seeing Barry as friends with Hartley instead of Wally. Anyway Professor Zoom explains who Barry is to his "students." Nothing that really impressed me.

We Are Robin: I don't know how to feel about this one so the first issue I'm getting should give me a better idea. I'm not really feeling it but on the other hand not much is shown.

Sinsestro: Well written piece showing how fear can will the day and the affect of having no more Green Lanterns.

Constantine: The sort of double crossing you'd expect from him although it would have been nice to know what his angle was. Why did he care if she got hers? And Katie really should have picked up on him knowing her name sooner since she never told him. Not a cut on the writer just one of those character things that bug me.

Earth 2 Society: Dick is Batman, Helena is planning something the other don't agree on and Jimmy Olsen is Dr. Impossible now. Interesting but not enough to make me pick up again.

Edit: I was going to attempt to read Batgirl but I find the current Barabra Gordon so unlikable that I can't stand seeing the character. Maybe she's a little better than she was in Batman Eternal. I hope so. I didn't like her in any of the previews/scans I've seen from this series so far but it might have changed. The point is I need to have some distance in hopes that someday I'll like the character again. Given the fact that I was willing to download Deathstroke, Lobo (characters I never liked) and Section Eight which I figured wasn't my thing you should get some clue how much this Barbara bothers me.


  1. There really isn't a whole lot here to enjoy, is there? I'm getting more and more depressed about what comes next. I wasn't happy with the new 52...but I adapted. But it all seems so joyless and depressing now.

    Won't be reading Superman, that's for sure, or Batman, or Wonder Woman, except for Sensational, unless they drop that. Green Lanterns are strange, but I'll probably stick with it, because I can't help myself. And Sinestro rocks.

    You know what I would like to see? A Shazaam book. The Shazaam book in Convergence was awesome.

  2. There aren't many titles I'm interested in although I'll admit their trying new things. Some of those I don't like one bit (making Tim Batman Beyond and changing Kori) others like having more female/POC leads I'm on board with.

    I'm not a fan of the changes with the trio except for the possible break up with Clark/Diana. Gordon as Batman is something I don't care for at all as is another bat character being dead for awhile. I am glad that I have Red Hood/Arsenal and Gotham Academy though.

    That'd be great and I know a lot of people have been asking for a series. I think you can guess what series I'd want although I'm not sure how that would be done now.