Saturday, May 2, 2015

Covergence #4

Well this is at least at its halfway point.


Telos thinks about how awesome Dick Grayson and the bond between Dick/Bruce echoing in every reality. Only the Batman that died was Thomas Wayne which Dick points out. Some of these comments really don't fit like Rip acting like Wonder Woman/Superman never occurred. Earth 2 Dick had no connection to Bruce outside meeting his family after his death. In Flashpoint neither Dick or Jason ever met Bruce as he died before they were born. Anyway Telos gives Dick a coating to give him mobility despite being crippled by Jokers' bullet since he wants Dick to join the fight.

Even if I didn't read the Booster Gold tie in I'd figure out the guy the Earth 2 heroes saved was a bad guy by his outfit. He takes the heroes to the time travelers he calls Time Masters...even though their not members of that group. They get distracted by the fight as the baddie slips away to take the time travelers power for himself.

Back with Dick he tries to get Telos to ignore the mission Brainiac gave him to save all these cities. It doesn't work which is sad just because a little more hesitation would have given him some much needed character development. They end up with the rest just in time to see Brainaic on the verge of returning.

Overall: Thus far this has only really focused on the Earth 2 heroes yet it still doesn't make them stand out. I still have zero interest in this Dick Grayson who somehow went from being a reporter to an important character despite not adding much to the story. He's mostly just hanging out with these people thinking about what's going on and somehow believing his son is fine despite having no proof.

As usual in this event I find myself far more interested in the time travelers. They even manage to have more personality especially the simple exchange between Andriod Hourman and Degaton. The villain outright refusing to help fight back against the guy taking their powers because it means working with those he loathes. (This also makes him the one that complains the most as he does last issue and in Booster Gold.) More than that they have one of the more intriguing bits of dialogue in this main book.

"You don't see what's happening. Telos believes this is the end for all of us. But he's wrong. He's wrong about the future. He's wrong about the past." 

Later on while Deimos is taking the time travelers powers and taking to Earth 2 Jay Garrick:

"You are the original heroes reborn. The first, and now the last."

It sounds like it's not supposed to be the end for these timelines as Telos thought. Deimos line could mean their literally reborn versions of the JSA but also the last version of them. Food for thought at least. Anyway this was okay.

Did you notice?: Still a different prison for the time travelers although Michelle is still missing. Some are more noticeable here like Black Beetle (not red here) and the L.L Waverider from TMVP.

Questions Raised?: Did Deimos kill the Time Travelers?

I'm not clear why Warlord has them imprisoned since he seemed surprised their home was moved. I assumed Telos put them there with Deimos as their jailer who was luring more prisoners to the prison. So what's up with that?


  1. This is really getting confusing. And just a tad pointless.

  2. I still like it better than Forever Evil. It nothing else it gives an excuse for these worlds to come back for a little while.