Thursday, May 14, 2015

Answers for the Robin Quiz

I'll do the Booster Gold answers at some point.

1. Dick Grayson's nickname was Robin because he was born on what day ?

Richard Grayson was born on the first day of spring which reminded his mother of a Robin.

2. Counting pre-Crisis Jason Todd has the most parents. How many and what were their names? Adopted counts. Extra point for naming the person who seriously considered adopting him. (*1)

Seven. Pre-Crisis he had his acrobat parents Joseph and Trina Todd, Noturna/Natalia Knight became his adopted mother, post-Crisis Shelia Haywood was his birth mother, Willis Todd and Catherine were his parents post-crisis/new 52 although Catherine was the step mom post-crisis and birth mom in new 52. Bruce Wayne adopted him in all of these timelines. Dick Grayson wanted to adopt Pre-Crisis Jason Todd but never did.

3. Which Robin had a kid before becoming Batmans' partner ?

Stephanie Brown, she gave the baby up for adoption.

4. What religion did Chuck Dixon want Tim Drakes' family to be ?

Jewish. He never actually wrote it in though.

5. Dick was a bartender and a what in his original series ?

A police officer.

6. In the original story Morrison referred to (sort of) about Damian Wayne's conception what did Talia do with Damian ?

After seeing Bruce recklessly risking his life for her and the conflict with her father Talia pretended she had miscarried and gave the baby up for adoption.

7. What are the first 3 Robins middle names ? (Drake is Tims' in new 52 so I mean pre-52.)

Richard John Grayson. Jason Peter Todd. Timothy Jackson Drake. Interestingly Dick and Tim have their fathers reflected in their middle names and Jason doesn't.

8. Name 3 female Robins.

Carrie Kelley, Stephanie Brown and Helena Wayne.

9. Which Robin in current canon has been hinted at having a sibling ? (*2) 

Jason. In the RHATO #0 origin issue his mother is seen pregnant as his father is being taken to jail. The sibling would have been born a little bit before Jason was adopted and became Robin. This was alluded to online in passing for eagled eyed readers but so far nothing has come of it.

10. Why did Tim decide to go by Red Robin in new 52 ?

Tim thought it wasn't right to go by Robin since Jason died and changed it to show respect and honor him.

*1 Anyone with the same name counts as one.
*2 Alternate reality versions don't count.


  1. Completely forgot about Helena.

    Still can't stand the whole Red Robin schtick.

    Man...Jason has had a pretty tough time of things.

  2. I can see why, they don't seem to make as much as a big deal about it anymore.

    I never really cared for it but I like the reasoning in new 52.

    He really has and that's not counting other things mentioned or alluded to.

  3. I'll be posting the answers to the Booster quiz on on Monday, May 25. You did all the hard work in compiling the quiz, so if you just want to copy and paste what I put up then, be my guest. (Then you don't have to type it out if you don't want to.)

  4. Thanks but I already wrote it I was just considering getting images. I also wrote a few extra thoughts on some of them. I might ditch the image thing though since my computer keeps freezing when I try to upload them.