Friday, May 15, 2015

More DC Bombshells

It's funny because I recently mentioned that a lot of lesser known titles without big name creators get ignored with these variants. And it happened again, which especially sucks because male characters have joined in on the 40s designs. It would have been nice to see what could have been done. This second wave of Bombshells variants are coming to celebrate the fact Bombshells is getting its own book. I'll wait to hear more details but it sounds cool.


  1. Hal's is nice, but it should be from the rear. Actually...they all should.

  2. It could happen in the new book. My favorite is Sinsestro and I want to see that in the book with him getting into dance contests.

  3. Sinsestro vs. Hal and the other GLs on the dance floor--the ultimate battle of fear and willpower.