Tuesday, May 19, 2015

August Solicits 2015

I've been impatiently waiting for this hoping for more new books to be released that have my favorite characters. Is there anything new to add to my pull list? Thoughts below.

Harley Quinn: I've never hated Harley or loved her. I'm sure her fans are happy to be getting so much of her this month, I know I wish my favorites got this much positive attention.

Robin, Son of Batman: Nobody 2? Does this mean Gleason is going to tie up the plot threads Tomasi never got back to? How Damian killed Nobody and Bruce kept it from the others and it was hinted that Jason knew what happened?

Green Lantern Lost Army: The first mention of Guy Gardner outside JL3001! It sounds like he's with John and the others although he wasn't in the Sneak Peek. Nice to know where Guy will be appearing next even if it's now clear what's going on.

Justice League 3001: Well it looks like their more interested in writing their JLI than the new guys. For some reason giant turtle Jimmy Olsen too.

Bizarro: It sounds like this bounty hunter names Chastity Hex might be related to Jonah.

Bat-Mite: An issue devoted to tormenting and annoying Damian...that does sound tempting but again Bat-Mite. Hmm.

Red Hood/Arsenal: I was hoping that this book wouldn't get into DC's attempt to be trendy but the hire an outlaw bit really comes off that way. I also have a hard time seeing Jason going along with it. Why would he bother, he has money saved up, it's how he's able to have so many safe houses. Although I like the idea of Batman looking up their ad but that might not be him on the cover.

Gotham Academy and the appearances of Garth/Donna Troy are interesting but I don't have much else to add. I'm kinda disappointed that there isn't anything new to read beside potentially getting Bombshells.

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