Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sneak Peek Week 3

This week rounds out the bat boys with two Tim books, Grayson and Damians' new title.

Batman Beyond: I don't get this title for several reasons. Shouldn't this timeline be to gone and Terry be alive? What's the point of Tim taking over? Why wouldn't they want people to associate the tv series with the comic?  At least the awkwardness of Tims' situation is present since he has to inform Matt that his brother is dead. I didn't really like this since it is pretty much just Batman Beyond in name only. Even so I'm getting the first issue just to have an extra book to read that week.

Batman/Superman: The new current status quo has Superman powerless and Gordon as the new Batman. Their first meeting doesn't go well since Gordon wants to arrest him. For vigilantism I guess? Property damage? While Superman tries to fight back he's not doing so well and gets some unexpected help from Lex Luthor. I still don't care for the Mecha Batman but the Superman part and Luthor were fun.

Secret Six: The museum is being robbed and the leads turn up to fight. I don't really like anyone in this group besides Catman and Black Alice. Some have no presence, Strix still feels like a rehash of Cassandra Cain and I don't like the new Ventriloquist. The story is okay.

Suicide Squad: Government big wigs discuss the group who are already attracting bad attention. In Russia they fought a giant Red Rocket with a tank which leads to the big wigs deciding to do something about the team. This was okay although Harleys' "gun" bit made her more of a liability than she usually is.

Martian Manhunter: Interesting take on how mundane trips to the moon would be and how J'onn is perceived. We learn that he lives in the past and present which has him in a state of agony since he lost his family. Finding the astronauts J'onn also finds a white martian. He lies to mission control on the cause of death but wouldn't they find out the truth since one is decapitated and the others are gutted? Otherwise a good read.

Teen Titans: I don't know what the story with Bart is anymore as I thought he was a fake. Tim and Cassie argue over whether or not they should protect Kon since he's in trouble with the cops. Despite their tech people tracing the call they can't get a lock since Tim lead them to the wrong place. Now Tim is trying to protect Kon and his team from Cassie's group. Not to bad.

Grayson: Dicks' working with Agent 1 who thinks he's an idiot and sees a kid wearing a Batman shirt. It's a cute moment. Turns out the whole operation was to save the boy--Jason--happens to be a Lanterns' nephew, likely Hals'. Nice connection although I'm still not a fan of Dick being a spy. I'm also not sure airlocks opening works that neatly but whatever.

Robin, Son of Batman: Or Robin SOB I guess. The first look at Gleason writing Damian Wayne. The writing isn't bad and the art is still amazing I just have the same problem I have for most Damian stories. That a ten year old can do all this and that he has no supervision. Seriously Dick is gone and so is Bruce. Isn't anyone going to watch him? There's no explanation for Goliath but it's still a decent read.

Catwoman: There's nothing wrong with this story it's just that nothing really happens. Selina is throwing the party and giving a summary of the players involved. Which makes it the most forgettable of this weeks free comics.

Gotham Academy: Maps recites her poem to Olive of things they did (Olive points out they never happened.) This one is different than all the other Sneak Peeks so kudos for making it memorable. Its cute just not my favorite.

Most of these were good even if I don't have any interest in getting most of the books but nothing really wowed me either.

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