Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Convergence Booster Gold #2

Will we finally get the long awaited answers to questions like what's Rips' real name and who's his mother? Will the pre52 Time Masters make it out of this?

Ted and older Booster have their reunion with Booster having another attack although he doesn't jump to another city this time. The LOS continue their not-so-proud tradition of being asses when it comes to Booster. After taking a break from fighting to allow them to explain themselves the LOS decide to go back to it without letting them finish. Oh and real smart telling them Booster stole the ring, Skeets. They fight for a bit before Rip tries to end it. Superboy being Kal EL/Clark Kent naturally has to be a problem but Rip has had enough of this BS and pushes his family into the future 45 minutes.

Older Booster starts to look bad as his condition gets worse and he tells Ted that he can't be saved. The others finally get to the right dome when new Booster hears about Ted Kord who he only knows as being a kid inventor. Rip suspects what's about to happen with the upcoming events (this is before the domes came down.) He wants to use a tricky method to save his dad but Booster rejects it saying he's proud of Rip and his mother. Proving he really is older Boosters' son Rip decides to break the rules so naturally the new Booster is reluctant to do so. After convincing him all of them go to toss older Booster into something that may kill him or save him and use younger Boosters' force field to protect him.

Older Booster becomes Waverider (a version of him at least) with a star on his chest. If nothing else I'll admit I didn't see that one coming although I probably should have. Waverider sends Ted back without a proper goodbye and seems to unload the fabled destiny of Booster Gold onto the new version before putting him somewhere else. Wave--Booster Rider as I'll call him now--tells Rip and Michelle they have to hide to be protected. Oh and no we aren't learning the mothers' name or Rips' real name. Booster Rider leaves to do other things outside this two parter.

Overall: This wasn't as good as it started out. The end especially felt rushed without giving it time to have any emotional weight. Ted was just there for no real reason except nostalgia making his first/only time meeting Michelle and Rip feel utterly pointless. No surprise that Boosters' dead sister is there or at meeting his best friends' son? While I'm glad this implies Michelle and Rip live it does make me sad that they don't seem to have counterparts on new Boosters' world. Well Michelle is dead and a Rip doesn't seem to exist.

Then we have Booster Rider. I don't know if I groaned outloud but I certaintly felt like I did when I saw the reveal. Look I know Jurgens likes the Waverider concept. It's an awesome look and interesting set of powers. But he already made a new one in TMVP and we never got to see that one fleshed out. I was far more intrigued with Liri and her anger with Rip than this version. Booster Rider hardly seems like his old self as he's pretty much all business once he transforms. Let's not forget that version of Booster was father to a ten year old Rip so did he abandon his kid? Is Rips' past changed to have an even shiner dad?

The first issue had some very touching moments that made me get misty eyed while this just left me feeling disappointed. The LOS battle was pointless since nothing came of it and they kept going back and forth on whether or not they should talk. What was the fall out of Vanishing Point being revealed? Capturing more time travelers? That wasn't how Rip made it sound last issue since he said Brainaic was trying to get the location from one of them before new Booster revealed he spilled the beans. There were also a bunch of errors with the word bubbles being attached to the wrong character as I'm sure Skeets doesn't think older Booster is his father.

Older Booster kind of comes across as a jerk by so easily dismissing his family, other self and best friend at the end. The people that throughout this two parter have done everything to ensure he survived. Some of the things he said as Booster Rider my mind translated to editoral speak. "Hey new Booster, I never got to do this plotline so it's yours now. You guys are plots for another time now I gotta go to another story." Rips' musings are never answered: we don't know why (in universe) new 52 is important/why Rip never knew about it. While he suspects some worlds will be taken off the board we never get his full theory on what's going on. Booster Rider even stops him from saying something at the end which knowing Rip had to be important yet BR thinks he's the only one who can save the day, etc.

I have to say that the most likable, badass and heroic figure throughout this has been Rip. Booster Rider is constantly in danger until he powers up and ditches everyone. He was alright through most of this he just didn't do much outside his more emotional moments. Michelle has very little presence and new Booster is okay but is to blame for Vanishing Point being known. Rip is trying to save his father, figure out what's going on (although he shares little) and for most of this is a leader. We even get some new characterzation as he's willing to break the rules to save his father. Which makes the ending extra frustrating since he's silenced while dear old dad choses to continue alone.

Questions Raised?: Why is Ted surprised that Booster has been outside the dome and looks older? I heard how the JLI tie in ended so he should be aware of Booster time traveling. Not that the ending made sense as Booster didn't know what was going on until last issue and can't control his jumps.

Skeets is from new 52 Boosters' timeline so why does he know about the Legion of Superheroes? Rip updated his pre-Flashpoint version.

Why is Superboy unsure about trying to use his powers? He attacked Booster last issue and while he may not have had all his strength back yet clearly other Legion member do.

Wouldn't the LOS know who Rip was? Why did they attack him?

Why did the LOS keep going back and forth on wanting answers? They were trying to give them earilier when they were attacked then they demand them again once the Time Master were leaving. No wonder Rip decided to just leave them.

Vanishing Point is forbidden? Booster you're the one who told Brianiac about it! How does the new  Booster even know about it?

Basically the answer for why Older Booster wears an Argus suit is that he picked up while traveling? That's the closest one I could find.


  1. It was...a bit of a letdown. Nice seeing Ted and Rip of course... but it could have been so much better.

  2. It really was. I will say that I think the story would at least be smoother if Jurgens has a mini series rather than a 2 parter. True and at least they lived at the end of this.