Wednesday, May 13, 2015

June's "Sneak Peek" Week 2

Some of the new books I'm really not interested in but who knows I might like the mini comics. Plus one of them has a certain Gal in it.



This is a mini which is good because I can't see this lasting as an ongoing. You'll either think Batmite is cute or annoying. Maybe both. I'm saying annoying although not overly so here. I do think he'll be worse in this series. Still he does have a point about Batman needing therapy though.


Never really liked the character and I doubt I ever will. Some people do like him so I have to ask why take away the iconic things about him? Making him younger and giving him back his eye doesn't make much sense to me. Oh and his dad is his enemy so I'm guessing he's still older than Slade was. This was just training before he gets a job that will get him in trouble with Wonder Woman. The only part that perked my interest was the sort of appearance of the TT.

Action Comics

Clark loses most of his powers and for some reason has to fight ninjas on the way to the Fortress of Solitude. The FOS doesn't act like he expects and to add to the insult it takes his clothes away. I don't think I was supposed to find that funny.


Much like Slade this is another character I don't care for and even less for the new Lobo. He uses a woman to set up his kill and I'm not sure why he felt the need to set her up. Did Lobo ever care that he was in trouble with the law? Doesn't he have a reputation?


I believe this is the 3rd Bizarro origin now? He's not the clone Luthor made in this at any rate. This was amusing especially what big Bs' says after making his costume and saying one word backwards. If you like the character you'll probably like this. I don't think anyone that doesn't get how the character works will get some of the humor.

Justice League 3001

The female Flash goes on a double date with Superman, Batman and Ariel. The fake league of semi-clones (or however these people work) get into a fight when we're introduced to Guy as a woman. No real explanation for Guy being a woman now or being in the future. Just a mention of Hal bringing her (him? I'm not sure what pronouns Guy uses) into the fold. Apparently it is our Guy who remarks that they can talk about female things now. The background has all kinds of sci-fi cameos too. This was okay although I don't care for the fake JL just the JLI characters.


For unknown reasons Aquamans' people think he's a traitor and are hunting him. It seems Mera is behind the attacks as she has the throne. But is that Garth?!

Dr Fate

Pretty cute start although we never see the hero in costume. Just showing him spending his time with his family, sorta girlfriend and cat. Besides magic cats are always awesome.

Gotham by Midnight

Robo-Batman get supernatural cops "the midnight shift" to look into something he can't deal with. It's a solid intro into the books' concept. I like that it shows there are people leading normal lives that are connected to things Batman isn't.

Green Lantern Lost Army

John Stewart finds himself in command of small group of GLs that is cut off from the corps and lost in space. Worse yet their stuck with an old GL enemy. I expected this to be good and it lived up to my expectations.


  1. I find Bat-Mite to be annoying...but in a cute way. And now and forever, I will be hearing his "voice" with that of Peewee Herman.

    I can't stand Deathstroke, and I find the new "sexy" Lobo to be annoying as well. But Dr. Fate looks good and naturally I'll be reading about Green Lanterns.

    JLI 3000 just has me confused.

  2. At least Batmite isn't creepy here.

    I almost didn't download Deathstroke and Lobo because I don't care for them. But I thought I might as well look at all the sneak peeks. I'm thinking about getting Fate now. GL was pretty great.

    I don't get the series so all I really cared about was Guy.