Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Just for Fun Part 3

14. lamest superpower?

Turkey Volume Guessing Man. If you got that reference pat yourself on the back.

15. which character do you think should get a movie? (besides hawkeye and wonder woman bc literally everyone wants that)

Any of my favorites which are for the most part lesser known heroes. I root for the underdog and find them far more interesting than the big names.

16. worst outfit ever?

There are a lot of bad costumes so it's hard to think of one that was the worst. For Booster it would be his era of wearing mechical suits. For Jason the Morrison costume which was so ugly I cringe that it got an action figure.

17. favorite comic book artist?

I don't have a favorite artist I have several. Gleason, Jurgens, etc. I did a list of them awhile back but I can't find it on this site at the moment.

18. favorite writer?

The same as above, I don't have one favorite. I don't think any writer is flawless, some get more grief than others and some are overhyped. I don't go out of my way to read any writers' work if it's not a project I'm interested in. I'm more prone to avoid other writers work if they got on my nerves.

19. what would you say to stan lee if you met him?

If I'm not a babbling mess I'd thank him for his passion for comics and changing the industry by giving characters different personalities. I'd also share my love for Mary Jane and Peter Parker.

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