Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Princess Leia #3

Part 3 of 5.


The girl from last issue calls her older sister unknowingly giving the Imperials a heads up on Leias' mission. Leia tries to round up more of her people who aren't all so willing to put all their eggs in one basket. The Imperials get lead to the Alderaanians making them think Leia is a traitor. They stop them leading to the woman that previous hated Leia to praise her.

Overall: This issue kind of goes all over the place. Preserver Jora sees Leia then sends men to presumedly capture her. When they met Leia reveals herself and Jora is taken aback and not as firm as she was before? Was Leia really bad mouthing smuggling or the attempt at her people supporting themselves in unlawful ways? Because she's a rebel and Jora should at least know Leia isn't a senator anymore since the senate ended in ANH. Leia herself hardly comes across as diplomatic as she sounds very condescending when speaking of Alderaanian survivors as frightened little creatures. She also seems more than a little arrogant when she proclaims her status as princess still gives her the right to command. Given the fact that Evaan didn't like her at the start shouldn't she expect more people to dismiss her or blame her for what happened?

Leia may speak her mind but remember she was raised to handle diplomatic matters and act as an ambassador. Think of how Luke reactions when he first meets Yoda compared to Leia dealing with the Ewoks. Luke was frustrated and lost his temper when Yoda was testing him. Leia was patient and managed to make friends despite the language barrier. Think about it, the Ewoks never considered cooking her like Han and the others. Yet here she's callous with her own people that just lost their whole world? Jora is actually right to not want them there since it drew attention to them. I'm not sure why she suddenly decides Leia is a worthy leader. Because the Stormtroopers were taken out? That was something R2 did not Leia. Our lead hasn't actually come up with many plans in this series.

I had hoped for so much more from a Leia series.

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