Monday, May 18, 2015

The Death Problem in Batman

Ever think death and resurrection happen too much in comics? Try having it happening within a small time period with the same family. It's hard for it to mean anything when it feels like the same plotline is being retooled. SPOILERS for current bat plots.

First we have Jason who's still going through the coping process of his ordeal. How he returned is currently a mystery and he hasn't confided in anyone over what he's going through. There's still a lot of story potential here with hints of him remembering (rather he'll remember in time) being in heaven and actually suffering because he was resurrected. He doesn't know how to be normal anymore and struggles to pretend he is.

Damians' death felt like an attempt to copy the impact of Jasons' death and try to give weight based on him being the biological son. I can't see it ever being as iconic and just like Jason he came back. Has Damian gone through anything besides the superpower side effect? It seems like he just shrugged it off making the whole thing a sidenote.

Dick is "dead" in a sense making the amount of death the bats dealt with in a short amount of time add up. Apparently he has to deal with no one knowing he's alive with Bruce gone but that just sounds incredibly stupid for Bruce. This is the man known for planning for everything and he doesn't have a back up plan in case he died while Dick was undercover? This is the same guy that last time around gave everyone their own personal goodbye notes. Sure he still screwed up there but he prepared better. Also no one noticed Dick acting in his stead during Endgame? Really?

I assume the Final Crisis bit never happened in this universe otherwise Damian lost his dad twice. Now he's returned from the dead, thinks Dick and his dad are both gone. Who knows what the public thinks happened to Bruce, they know Bruce Wayne lost Jason Todd and Dick Grayson, the latter of the two being outed as Nightwing. It'd be nice if this idea wasn't so overused. The fallout has hardly been explored in most of these plots.

Yes two of these deaths didn't techically happen but from Alfred and the rest POV they did. There's barely been any reaction to Dick and even Damian outside Batman and Robin. Does it read like they recently suffered losses much less 2-3 within a short time period?

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