Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Didn't Notice

I was reading a comment about Convergence Booster Gold and they pointed out something I didn't notice. Rather a character that was missing.

Namely Rani. The thing is I never considered her a big part of the series or even Boosters' life. I had trouble buying her importance when Booster was barely home and even Giffin/DeMaatteis hinted she may not stay as someone was looking for her at the end of their run. We saw some of Rips' childhood and Rani wasn't there. Despite everyone in that run saying Booster should be her dad he never really agreed on it and Michelle was around her more.

When I think of the characters that mean the most to Booster, that you instantly relate to him I don't think of Rani. Was she really that big of a deal?


  1. They dumped her in an orphanage in an alternate universe is my guess.

  2. I could buy them giving her back to whoever was looking for her. A lost relative, maybe this grandpa she mentioned that she called Boppy.

  3. I'm more disappointed we didn't get classic Skeets, only the New 52 upstart replacement model.

  4. That was weird, the new Skeets wasn't even with the new Booster. Why would he be with Rip and know people like the LOS?