Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chances of a new series?

Another topic that was brought up when I was talking about Booster was the possibilty of a new series being created. Let's go over what we know and see what chance we have for a volume 3.

Ever since CTIC there has been something of a push for the character. After that we got the following books which featured Booster:

  • OMAC Project
  • Infinite Crisis 
  • 52
  • Booster Gold VOL. 2
  • Justice League: Generation Lost
  • Time Masters Vanishing Point
  • Justice League International (new 52)
  • Futures End Booster Gold
  • Convergenge Booster Gold
And that's not including cameos. According to Judd Winick there was a list of important facts DC had listed going forward. The one that made a big impact on him was the one that said Batman was aware of Booster being greater than he appears. After JLGL it seemed like JLI was a shoe in for a new series. It was but the reboot happened and despite not having bad sales it was cancelled. The infamous annual happened too and DC didn't seem to know what to do. As we saw in Futures End the events in the annual were changed to match up with the story DC wanted to tell in Convergence. Curiously Booster got an one shot when he was the only character without an ongoing series during Futures End. His two parter also hinted at a lot of things we haven't gotten answers to yet. Suggesting that those stories are being saved for another time.

At one point there was a pitch for a BG series which was vetoed. The idea had Booster being pushed through time and losing his memory. Something we saw a little of in his cameo in All Star Western and his FE/Convergence books. 

I'm not sure if there are any clear plans for Booter at the moment but it certainly feels like DC wants to do something. Since Rip Hunter is currently getting attention for a certain tv appearence it feels like a good time to add to the mythos.

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