Saturday, July 23, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters : Daniel Carter

#7 Daniel Carter/Supernova 2  

Daniel is Boosters' present day ancestor that seems to have a lot in common with Booster on the surface. He's also a former football star that lost it all. A guy that wants fame and glory. But unlike Booster he lacks the drive to achieve his goals and seems to fail because of twists of fate rather than mistakes he's made. He's not a good sales man but does have a moral center to help others despite his own misgivings about playing the hero. Gotta say that Daniel handles the news that he has to marry a particular woman and have kids to ensure the Carter family survives better than most would.

Why he's important to Booster: He's the first blood relative Boosters' had since Michelle and starts his familys' heroic blood line. Ironically Daniel is often labelled an idiot by his descendant because of his behavior. Booster looks at Daniel and sees all of his own failings. When Daniel succeeds like he did in 52 or tries like he did in Blackest Night Boosters' proud. When he doesn't live up to his potential it disappoints him. While not sharing too much panel time with each other Booster seems to have enough of a relationship with Daniel that he can pop up to hang out and has stayed at his house for awhile.

Suggested Reading: 52 # 52 This has Daniels' first appearance as Supernova and shows his biggest moment of glory to date--one few were present to witness. He's freaked out about being dragged into this scary situation and wants to go home. But he still agrees to go through with it and even tells Booster to man up when he has doubts. When it comes down to an important moment he catches a football pass and saves everything proving Booster does come from good stock. 


  1. Oh Daniel. The little Slacker that Could. He's actually a rather fun character, because he does things that normal people would do. Given a super suit, he doesn't rush out and start fighting crime, he uses it to play video games for days on end because he doesn't have to eat or shower or go to the bathroom while wearing it.

  2. He really is a lot of fun and I love how he's so causal about somethings, like opening his door to see Jaime in his BB suit with a "oh it's you guys." It's kinda sad because Daniel did want to be a superhero but backed out once he realized how crazy it is.

    Loved that he used the suit to goof off, I know I'd want to do that for a particularly addicting game.