Thursday, July 21, 2011

Superhero Party!

From a Plastic Man issue I believe, he set up some sort of sting to capture a bad guy by inviting fellow heroes to a party. I don't get it but look how much fun it is! It's a Where's Waldo of the superhero set! Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) is perched unmasked in the upper right corner. Her friend Spoiler is on the dance floor with Superboy and Animal Man. Some younger JSA members are having a debate in the lower right corner. Nightwing (Next to Steel) is getting dragged onto the dance floor while talking to Tim Drake.

The left side has who I think are the Inferior Five in the back. Ted Kord next to Impluse on the dance floor. A guardian in front of the D.J. And my favorite part Booster and Guy talking. Guy doesn't like the set up and Booster is frustrated with Guy not taking the night off. Doesn't that sound more like a remark coming from a date? The Ice next to Booster isn't Tora, BTW. I wonder if superheroes enjoy wearing their costumes as much as possible, they seem to have them on no matter what the occasion.


  1. Heh. This was actually a one-shot book, called the Working Week, or something like that. I have it, but I'm much too lazy to go and look for it. It was drawn by Pat Gleason, whom I simply adore.

    There is a kid who writes a fanzine, and somehow, he ends up stowing away on the JLA Satellite for a week, hiding in the Aquaman habitat, and evesdropping on everybody. The party is something that Plastic Man was helping to organize, and naturally everybody showed up. It IS fun trying to spot who is there, and what they are doing. There's even a Guardian!

    The Not-Tora, is Sigrid, aka Ice Maiden, who took her place in the JLI. And I think that Guy was bar-tending at this point, which is why he's having a hissy fit.

  2. Thanks, I forgot where this took place. And it makes a lot more sense now.

    Yeah poor Sigrid, last we saw her in JSA someone removed her skin. I love that Guy is seriously into bar tending but you'd think Booster would be cool with it. He managed a restaurant or two himself.

  3. Well...Booster is probably still waiting for his drink, but Guy's too busy ranting to bring it over. It would make anyone testy.

  4. I can imagine Booster grumbling "if you still had your ring then we'd have the drinks by now."