Sunday, July 24, 2011

JLI faces their worst enemy yet

Booster returns from visiting Rip to ask his friends to help the Time Master only to witness this scene. Were they poisoned? Attacked by an enemy? Knocked out to keep the oreoes untouched?

None of the above. J'onn decided to talk about Mars which bored the others so much they fell asleep. Well I'm sure Max and Batman would agree that boredom was their leagues' greatest foe. The irony is that Boosters' likely the only other member on the team that would be interested in what J'onn said. Lots of people forget his major was history (mainly superhero history but still.)


  1. Oh, you gotta love a History Major. (hint: I was a History major)

    What really startles me, is that the plate of Oreos is still...full!

  2. I always liked that part of Boosters' origin (go you! I love history.)

    J'onn likes to talk before he feasts. What surprised me is that everyone has glasses like they were allowed to share. Except Ted who had to be difficult and have a soda. And everyone wonders why he was so hyper.