Monday, July 25, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters: Maxwell Lord

#5 Maxwell Lord  
The mysterious man who started Justice League International. A man who, friend or foe always kept others guessing. Like Booster he's got a lot of depth and isn't always as easy to read.

Why he's important to Booster: Max fulfilled one of Boosters' greatest ambitions by putting him in the Justice League. They were good friends which made it all the worse when Max killed Boosters' best friend. While Broderick was the first foe to really feel a personal connection to Booster with Max we get one that's had a lot of panel time with him over the years. It's also obvious that Max still considers him a friend, even acting more emotional around him than with the other league members. 

They also share some questionable moral choices due to Boosters' job as a Time Master and Maxs' more murderous plans. Ted Kord once noted that they learned all their tricks from him. Is it any wonder Max knows them so well? Facing Max might be what's needed for Booster to develop his skills as a Time Master since plotting cause and effect are a huge part of the job. Something Max has already mastered and perfected.

Suggested Reading: Justice League: Generation Lost # 5 Called out for forming JLI and twisting the members to his purpose again Max appears to admit he thinks the world needs them. Booster knows his greatest weakness is not knowing when he's being screwed over. He doesn't even know that he's being lead towards another goal. In the end Booster recalls when he told Max his origin and we get a glimpse of how it all started. Making their present day fighting all the more tragic. 


  1. Oh Max. I still like slightly shady, but basically good Max over always-been-evil Max. But he's certainly had a huge influence over Booster. That of course was both a good thing and a bad thing. Booster knew that Max would always back him up, but I think that he was also looked at as being Max's stooge, by some of the other heroes, such as Hal or Ollie, for example.

  2. I love seeing them together no matter what side Max is on because their fun, fascinating and so complex.

    Yeah, it did look like people saw Booster that way because of Max.