Tuesday, July 19, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters: Lex Luthor

#11 Lex Luthor

No, this isn't a mistake because Lex was set up to be a major player in the first series in a plot that has since been all but forgotten. But Booster was on his way to be Lexs' rival on a level that Superman never could be: in business. 

Why he's important to Booster: Back when making money was a serious pursuit Booster ran into Luthor when the man noticed how threatening BG could be as a competitor. Deciding to prevent Booster from succeeding on his level Luthor bought out the company our golden hero was interested in and tried to stick it to him. Only Booster knew the company was going to tank which is why he tricked the other man into buying it. While Luthor would end up winning the war this short lived feud showed how cunning and ruthless Booster could be. It's easy to see why Superman wouldn't be thrilled with Booster if he saw this side of him. 

Suggested Reading: Booster Gold #23 Vol. 1. This issue takes place right after Michelles' funeral which might explain a little of Boosters' attitude although he plays it off as being fine. Trixie wants answers since she's been seeing anti-Superman speeches from BG--which is impossible as he was away with JLI when it all started. Going to investigate Booster finds out Luthor has made a Booster robot that's beating Superman up. He defeats it to discover the link between Luthor only to have the evidence stolen from his grasps. Now while he's jerky towards Superman and is still grieving his sister I truly believe Luthor brings out the worst in him. Because his talk with the man when he crashes his party is brutal. Yes, Luthor gets the last laugh by later taking over Boosters' property but it's amazing he didn't have his enemy murdered. Lex Luthor has killed for lesser reasons than the humiliation he receives in this issue. 


  1. Booster vs Lex? Really, I did not know this! And frankly I'm impressed as heck that Booster was able to go toe to toe with him, and live to walk away!

  2. It was strictly on a business level and like Broderick only appeared in a few issues. But it really made an impact on us hardcore Booster fans. Particularly issue #23.