Thursday, July 28, 2011

Demon Knights is looking better

Guess I'll have to offically throw my time travel only rule out the window. DC Source has some artwork on one of the character dubbed The Horsewoman. 

“The Horsewoman is one of the seven Demon Knights, flung together by a desperate battle,” said series writer Paul Cornell. “She’s a mysterious rider who tries to stay apart, on a lonely journey across Medieval Europe. She can ride, but she can’t walk, supported in her saddle by magic and invention. She has an absolute affinity for all horses, and she’s the greatest archer in history. She tries hard not to care, but always ends up helping those who need her. And the little village Etrigan’s reluctant team end up defending from enormous odds is going to need her now.”

I admit I'm intruiged, although I never was into this sort of comic I do like movies and tv shows with swords and magic. Plus I'm curious to see how she works in this. I can't recall seeing a character that can't move their legs in a medieval setting. I'm glad I decided to try this out, it might be a nice change of pace from normal superhero titles. In my head canon I think Roy has to be related to her.


  1. Demon Knights is a definite for me, just because I enjoyed Cornell's Knight and Squire so much.

  2. Whenever I hear news I get more excited about it. This looks awesome.