Monday, July 18, 2011

That time Superman and Booster acted like friends

This was back in Supermans' blue period when Dan Jurgens was on the book. Basically Supermans' weird new powers were unstable without his uniform. I forget why he was apparently running around naked since he wasn't in it when Booster arrived. Well as "naked" as you can get in an energy form. This issue was important to Booster Gold lore for a lot of reasons. The most noted is usually the end of his armor phrase and return to a sleeker skintight costume a.k.a. the short lived 90s' asymmetrical design that people forgot he had in the 2000s (looking at you Kevin Maguire.) 

Superman granted his request to help make another costume to match the power of the first one. Since Boosters' previously armor was totaled saving Supermans' life he decided that was fair trade. This issue also marks the end of their feud as Superman says he knows Booster doesn't only care about fame and money. He knows Booster likes being a hero (although it's not that deep down Clark, it's a huge part of his character.) I love how Booster is half playing this off as if it's no big thing and half acting like they were the best of buds before the "new" JLA came around.

And lastly on the top half of this page Clark is telling a curious Booster about the bottled city of Kandor. You know, the city Booster and Rip end up staying at in 52. Sometimes canon, whether planned or not, is awesome.


  1. It's actually nice to see Superman NOT being a jerk.