Wednesday, July 27, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters: Ted Kord

#3 Ted Kord/Blue Beetle 2  
I wasn't listing these in any real order for most of this list but the last few are in order. Their the characters I think matter the most to Booster, his story thus far or going forward. And a big part of his story had to do with Ted Kord.

Why he's important to Booster: His best friend, partner in business ventures, the guy that got him into his insane schemes and the hero that saw Booster better than most. Ted could be both helpful and harmful to Booster as their bond helped soften readers to Booster or made them write the two off as "idiots." In comics Teds' been there for his best bud through some of the worst of times. 

I read an essay once that said that Booster by nature, perhaps because he's a twin, needs a partner of some sort. The two certainly seem more like the stereotypical twins personality wise than Michelle and him do. Ted has trouble getting dates, he's the inventor, the geek and the most naive of the two. He can help balance out Booster or send the two into one of their arguments. I've seen it said that J'onn is the soul of the league. well I say that Blue and Gold were the heart of JLI. Funny, sometimes irrational but always with the best intentions. 

Suggested Reading: Countdown to Infinite Crisis Yes, there are better written stories, certainly more lighthearted ones with this pair. I chose this one because despite it's many flaws most of the scenes with Ted and Booster feel spot on. Reading it before I knew too much about these guys was already heart breaking but knowing what's to come and how it will affect Booster? 

You see how much Ted and their friendship mattered. That both were causalities not just because of Maxs' actions but the lack of action of the other heroes. It's the start of a big change in Boosters' life and the end of what came before. Even though Ted didn't know all the details in the story he knew better than anyone else in their community what sort of person Booster is. He's the sort to take a shot meant for someone else because "that's what you do for your friends." 


  1. *sniff*

    Dammit,I still miss Ted. I know that they seem to have gone out of their way to make it seem as though Ted is dead forever, but hey, they used to say that about Barry, and look who is running around, fresh as a daisy.

    Ted and Booster were fun. They got into trouble together, they had fun together, they even fought together, but dang it, they were the heart of the JLI, and I miss their shenanigans.

  2. Ted still shows up from time to time, he'll be in the Retro JLI one shot soon. And even if he doesn't return I'll sure writes will still tell stories of him or have tributes to him like Gail Simone did.

    I have this image of Guy thinking Booster is too serious as a leader and proceeds to get him in trouble. All in Teds' memory of course. And to piss of the bat.

  3. That...that would be wonderful. And hilarious.

  4. The headlines would be glorious.