Thursday, July 21, 2011

More DCnU news

JLI News:

  • "The JLI are an officialy sponsored UN team"
  • Booster gold is the new leader.
  • Among the members listed is a "Lady Godiva."
  • When asked if Booster will time travel in JLI Jurgens said, "Not right away no"
  • If Booster knows this is a reboot/relaunch will be answered in the last BG issue.
Thoughts: I think the first two have already been confirmed a few times. I'm guessing the new character is Alex from BG? Either she turns out to be a streaker or she makes some mean chocolate. HA! Take that Didio and you're flip flopping self! Thank you for giving me hope Jurgens! I love that part of Boosters' life. I'm hoping Booster knows but I'm doubting it.

Others information:

  • To make Barry special he's going to be the only speedster for awhile. Wally West isn't going to appear in the Flash book. 
  • Despite saying Steph Brown is benched not too long ago Didio has confirmed with a "yes" that she'll appear. 
  • Speaking of Steph, apparently she was never Robin or isn't considered one. They said there were only four Robins.
  • Jason Todds' hair is back to black
  • Too annoyed to properly talk about Clark and Lois. Or rather the lack of.
  • Sadly no in story for whether or not Lex Luthor stole 40 cakes in this canon.
  • Lian Harper is wiped from canon. :( Sounds like it was a call from the higher ups. But Roy never did drugs? Really? (This was only mentioned at one site. There's no quote at the others. I'm pretty sure Lobdell said Roy was a recovering addict in a previous interview.)

The Art:

  • Captain Atom isn't as shiny as he used to be. He's more glowy.
  • WTF is up with the Red Hood helmet? The eyes should not look like Deadpools' when expressing emotion. And please get rid of the "face" on the helmet.
  • Selina honey, you're hanging out of your top on one side.
  • Love seeing the Adam West bat-polls. Little Damian looks his age.
  • Is the Joker a fighter now? Don't like his look. But I HATE the Riddlers'. Seriously, they shaved a question mark into his head? I'm really curious why that little girl is locked in Arkham.
  • The art to what I assume is Batwing looks amazing.
  • The blonde woman in JLI (who I thought was supposed to be Michelle at first) is she Lady G? What happened to the dark haired woman on the JLI cover that was removed?
  • Batmans' lucky to be on a team with so many fliers. 

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