Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Booster still wants Kryptonite

One time Superman and Batman found a huge amount of Kryptonite on earth. They asked for the help of all their fellow superheroes in collecting it. Being good sports about it a lot of heroes agreed to aid the search. Despite being on better terms with the man of steel Booster still has the impulse to keep a piece for himself as souvenir. 

There are so many things that I love about this page. That Bruce is way up there with his back up to others and he still knows what Booster is trying to do. And I have to ask "what pockets"? Seriously, just where was Booster keeping it because that outfit can't hide anything. See that box he's holding? I don't know what's funnier, that Booster attempted to get away with that obvious shape under his costume or that no one but Batman noticed it.

Then there's the real disappoint on his face that he can't keep the substance that kills Superman. I love that all of this is taking place in front of him too. It's a shame we didn't see Supermans' expression, it would either be an exasperated look or a WTF one. And finally I love the double meaning to Starfires' words and her total amusement to the situation. Normally he'd get talked down to for even considering this but their all smiles as they seem to find it endearing.


  1. Considering what a jerk that Superman nas been to Booster over the years...can you blame him? And I'm pretty damned certain that Batman has a piece squirreled away somewhere...just in case.

    And quite frankly, it's a bit presumptuous of Superman to be getting everyone to get rid of the one substance that can weaken him...if I were one of those heroes, I'd be just a little bit nervous...considering things such as mind control and all of that.

  2. Superman did give Bruce the ring Luthor made but I think Booster should have a piece given all the evil alternate versions of Superman there are. Maybe he can pick up a piece in his travels.

    I didn't read this story by from what I heard it was something Batman helped with. I think it was too keep the bad guys from getting it.