Monday, July 18, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters:Black Beetle

#12 Black Beetle

He is still something of an unknown that for some reason chose to hunt scarabs. Black Beetle constantly lies about his origins to keep foe and ally alike in the dark. But it's been hinted at in a future snapshot that Booster will know who he is when he's finally unmasked.

Why he's important to Booster: As we don't know who he is or what his reasons are beyond searching power we don't know if there's a personal stake in this. Black Beetle is a foe based on a darker image of Ted Kord. He's the first actual super villain anyone could say belongs to Booster instead of him "borrowing" from someone elses' rogues gallery. Black Beetle is a challenge to the Time Masters, someone who's always ahead of the game presenting an actual threat.

Suggested Reading: Booster Gold #24 Vol. 2. Actually the whole Day of Death arc showcases this but this issue specifically shows how manipulative he is. Not only does he use T.O. Morrow and an alternate Lex Luthor he tricks Trigon and the Time Masters. Messing up the timeline was just to create an item he needed to get more power, having it restored didn't matter to him one way or another.


  1. I suppose that Black Beetle passes the test for being a good villain, because he frustrates the heck out of me! Who the devil IS he anyway? And please oh please don't make him an evil clone of Ted or something.

  2. It's kinda funny because whenever Jurgens is getting ready to reveal it something comes up to prevent it. The issue he was hinting at it happening was going to be #50. Given what's been said in interviews by other writers I assume BB is a new character. I trust Jurgens enough to believe it's not Ted or a clone. He seems to be attempting to get away from all the Ted Kord stories because everyone does them. Maybe Teds' son, that close enough to taunt Booster but not enough to use Ted repeatedly, right?