Friday, July 22, 2011

Figures coming out and Wish Lists

The Jim Lee designs are making it into figures although that was kind of expected. Don't get me wrong, they look amazing but I'd like more of a variety instead of getting the same figures all the time. There are a few newbies being made like Catman and the Legion of Superheroes 12-pack. (The 12-pack is supposed to have a gag "figure" with Invisible Boy not actually being made.) JSA get more figures too. Apparently there's going to be a shift to do figures from DCnU soon. 

What I'd like to see from the Relaunch lines:

JLI figures of Ice, Fire (flamed up version too), Rocket Red, Max Lord, and Booster Gold (I'd be willing to buy him in that outfit if it's based on the current artist.) 

Bat kids in their new looks, Nightwing, Red Robin (I'm on the fence on this design), Red Hood (don't like the "face" of the mask but the look is his this time), although it's not coming out in DCnU I want a Black Bat too. Damians' Robin figure should be out soon so no need to remake it for the feathered cape. 

And some how I still want a freaking Rip Hunter figure, either his causal wear or the green/red outfit he wore during the TMVP mini.


  1. These are all good choices. They never seem to make the figures that I want...just the 10,000th version of Hal or Batman.


  2. At least their making Red Lantern Guy. I actually don't have a Batman figure yet but I only want one. All these redone character do is help me save money.