Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"The Alien" mattered

I try not to stray too far off anything time travel related on this blog but I saw something that bugs me about Batman/Teen Titan lore. I've been reading up on Roy Harper, Starfire and Jason Todd (the well written one) to get ready for Red Hood and the Outlaws. While doing this I noticed how dismissive the bat family seems to be about the Dick/Kory romance--including Dick! But all of that takes place long after they broke off but still they were in love. But as nasty as the writers could retcon Dick as being to Kory (and yes Barbara too) Bruce has always been pretty cold.

Is Bruce biogoted? He's called both Superboy and Kory "the alien." When Dick was getting married to Kory he never bothered to show up. In a flashback in Gotham Knights #43 he tells Barbara that Dick still loves her (she claims it was a crush) and says "the thing with the alien won't last." I know Bruce likes Barbara with Dick but does he really strike anyone as the type to get in the middle of anyone elses romantic life? 

I could see him grunting in disapproval but not outright telling someone that his kid is in love with them and their current lover won't last. What would he say if Dick did marry Kory? "Don't worry their get divorced soon"? I just hope that there's an arc with Bruce facing the Outlaws with them telling him off or him seeing how great an influence Kory would be on Jason. Because as much as I love him I hate when Bruce acts like this. Actually I'm not sure if Bruce would like her any better if she helped Jason or resent the fact it wasn't him.


  1. Just one more reason why I think that Bruce is huge jerk.

  2. True, just when you think how cool he is he does this stuff. At least Damian has the excuse of being ten when he calls Supergirl "alien".